About me?

Let me explain, no there is too much, let me sum up.

I am an 80’s child, sadly born on the wrong side of the Gen X, Gen Y border. Lumping me unceremoniously with Brittany Spears and instant gratification rather than Madonna and problem solving.

I am married with 3 girls, and live in one of the bigger mining towns in Central Queensland, Australia.

I love a lot. A lot of people and a lot of things.

My family, both near and far are my whole world, and I have some wonderful mates. Many that I have known since early childhood.

I love to read almost anything, though shun from crime novels, and throw up a little from romance.

I love to write, and have 2 part time jobs doing just that, plus this Blog.

I love to take photographs, and with the help of my photography mentor (my eldest sister), I am getting to know my Cannon better every day.

I love to create! And my creating covers a very broad spectrum. Ask my husband. I have tried my hand at Lead Lighting, Mosaics, Ceramics, Screen Printing, Jewellery, Sculpture, Doll Making. The list goes on. One thing I always come back to is painting.

I love to paint.

I love music, all genres and have a very eclectic collection of songs amassed on iTunes. I get so proud to hear my children singing Elvis or Poison, as I know that if nothing else, I can give them a wide and varied musical education.

I love movies, though as an adult I don’t get to indulge in this any where near as much as I would like. 80’s movies are particular favourites.

I love to be outside. Camping, skiing, fishing, swimming, riding, travelling If it’s outdoors, I’m happy.

I am passionate about preserving values, ethics and morals and am proud to call myself a Unionist.

I love to have fun, and am always keen to plan get togethers that involve as much group participation as possible.

I love to learn, and get a great deal of pleasure from documentary’s and readers digest magazines. This love of learning is quite irritating to both my husband and my mother as I have a myriad of questions that I never tire of asking.

And that in a nutshell, is me.

Re-learning to use a typewriter at Christmas. Look at me concentrating.


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