Magic Beans!

Now, I like stuff. Anyone who has spent a deal of time with me knows this.

I’m forever warning my children against spending their money on magic beans, when, given the opportunity, I’d be buying up those magical little suckers.

I was a bit saddened to hear that shops like “The Red Leprechaun”, and “National Geographic” are closing their doors. I guess because people like me, people who would spend hours browsing their oil and water egg timers, bronze coke bottles, solar powered bugs, mini telescopes, goo, pewter dragons and ant farms, grew up, and had to fake being responsible adults, who choose, I don’t know, chicken breasts and brand cheese over beloved magic beans.


Don’t get me wrong, every now and then I still get to indulge my inner child. There’s heaps of Adult stuff about.

Just tonight I got to play with some new toys that, shock horror, Dan bought me. Dan is anti-stuff. Very much so. But it seems I may be having an effect. 

Round 1, the vagetti. I hate the vagetti. I hate using the vagetti.I hate saying the word vagetti. A lot. Try it. Pretty cringe worthy hey? Or maybe I’m just a child.

It’s essentially a carrot sharpener. That you need fingers as long and skinny as carrots, yet strong as steel, to use efficiently. Hence the reason I’m using a fork. Yes the results are pretty cool, but I think I’ll stick with my grater.

Round 2, the silicon citrus squeezer! I’m not entirely sure that’s it’s name, but I got it for my birthday, and it’s AWESOME! Thanks Dan!

I was fully prepared to be disappointed after the carrot sharpener, but I gotta tell ya! This is going to be joining the eggo* as one of my kitchen faves!

You cut your citrus in half, or 4ths if your lemon/lime/orange tree yields giant fruit like ours, pop it in the lemon shaped citrus pocket, complete with little holes to reject the seeds and gunk, and squeeze!


Magic beans come good!!

I’m so happy I may just go and buy myself a slinky!

Except I don’t have to as my stuff loving G3 spent up on Magic beans on her school camp, like her sisters before her, and I have a brand new one right here!

I tell ya, Jack was onto something!! 

*an eggo is a cool thing used to time boiling eggs! It’s shaped like half an egg, is clear (I know right! Me all over) and it gets darker depending on the eggs softness inside! It goes in the saucepan with the eggs as they boil, and has saved us from destroying dippy eggs for years! 


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