Nosferatu tribute 

My gosh it’s been a while between posts! Not because nothing interesting has happened, but so much has!

Like today.

Today, I faced, well, I don’t think I’d say a fear, but something that makes me uncomfortable. I gave blood. For the very first time! 

I’m no stranger to needles and blood tests, I’m the queen of mystery illnesses, but after I’d had all my babies, some crazy toggle was switched, making the sight of blood turn my skin scolding hot, and my blood ice cold. You know that feeling? Yeah. It’s not cool.

Back in the day I could watch them syringe the blood from my veins, but ever since G2 split her head open (she was about 3), the sight of that red fluid, does weird things to my brain. 

Maybe it’s just a mum thing.

And that’s the very lady I attribute today’s 470ml to. 

You see needles put me in a little bit of unease, until they’re attached to a tattoo gun. Then, we’re fine!

My mum is rather anti tattoo, well anti tattoo on her daughters anyway (and granddaughters G1. Me too). And every time I get one, she has a look and says “oh Alaina, why can’t you just give blood”.  

She gives blood all the time.

So finally, I decided to do just that. I waited the required time after my last tattoo, but then we went to Bali, so I waited the required time since Bali, reshuffled bookings around my new job (it’s awesome, I’ll fill you in soon), reshuffled for G1’s job applying processes, and reshuffled travel.

And finally today, my rubbish, wobbly, vein (that’s the official nurse term used today), produced enough blood to save 3 lives! 

I even got brave and looked at the needle! I took a photo and everything, but don’t want to scare anyone, so I won’t post that one. 

Bit light headed, bit queasy, but really happy with myself. I’ve made my mumma proud, and made a difference! All in about 15 minutes, and I got a free cookie! 

Win, win.

Now to book in for my next tattoo! I’ve earned it mum!  

Best cookie ever!


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