Beach witch!

Bali day 7!Our last day in Bali?! Noooooo!

Kicked off our last day with a beach stroll after sun up, madly dodging shop keepers that flew out like missiles, targets locked squarely on us. I was a little hurt as one missile/shop keeper told me I would now have the bad luck for not going in her shop. 

We had our wonderful new friend Kadek over to spend the morning with us, so middle sister, He, and I hit the water on our first ever paddle board expedition!

It was a lot of fun, we picked it up straight away, (Kadek being delivered a life jacket by JetSki as he was pretty worried by the waves and deep water, but he did have fun)! I had a balance issue at the very start of our hour and fell in the shallow water. 

I knew I’d hit something but didn’t want to know what, so continued out past the breakers to the deep reef to take it all in and enjoy the serenity.

Eldest sister swam out to join us, GoPro in hand, and we were lucky enough to have a local fisherman swim past with his spear in hand, and a belt full of reef fish and octopus!

It was at this point I decided to look at my knee, curious as to the damage done in my fall.

My suspicions were confirmed when I seen the sea urchin spine hanging from my flesh.


Visions of sea urchins twisted and hooked barbs filled my brain, poison, infection! Arrrgggghhhh!

After much discussion, it was decided that the spine needed to come out, so I paddled my spiney self back to shore.

The local beach people noticed something was up, so they came to investigate, and talk in Indonesian with worried looks and even more worrying hand gestures, imitating the best way to pull out the skin intruder.

Oh my gosh.

The security man from our villa came to my rescue with tweezers and alcohol. For the spine, not me.

Eldest sister had her camera at the ready and I braced for what I imagined was going to be a bloody awful removal.

The hoorah of the crowd was the first I knew it was over, seems the spine wasn’t in as far as I feared, much to the grand amusement of the beach men.

“You have the tattoos and then you get the spine and go “whaaaaaaa”.”

Thanks beach man.

For the record I did not go whaaaa. 

And I guess time will tell what the fallout from the urchin will be! Fingers crossed for no poison!

Seems the missile/shop keeper also dabbles in black magic. Well played shop keeper, well played.

After our urchin adventure, we headed out to lunch, eldest sister escorting the limping Mumma!

After yet again being begged yet again to get the massage, we decided to haggle a good price and get Kadek a massage instead.

This was a wonderful move as we had the full attention of the masseuse/shop keeper, and finally learnt the rules of the beach people! 

Back to the villa where the fantastic new business “we suck Bali” came along and vacuum packed and weighed our luggage! What a super cool idea!

Then off to the money exchange, walking past a huge Pig Ogho Ogho, fully anatomical correct. Ew.

There was a snake incident in one of the roadside market stalls, and the poor little fella was swept from screaming person to screaming person, before meeting his fate on the street, under the wheels of hundreds of scooters.

Wanting to cram in as much as possible into our last hours, we hit the shopping strip to drain our brains and wallets, back on the main drag for dinner at 3 Monkeys, a sneaky, super quick foot massage, then our taxi was there to take us to the airport.

Driving the streets out was so sad, as the preparations for Ogho Ogho were beginning, and it looks so cool!

Kadek surprised us at the airport to say goodbye, and after the arduous trek through security, 2.30am arrived and we boarded our plane home.

Ada Bali, suksma! 



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