Bintang + shopping = Gila!

Bali day 5!

An early start again today with our cooking class at Anika’s cooking school in Kuta!

We were picked up nice and early, and headed straight to the Kuta food markets to suss out our days ingredients!

The market was pretty darn fantastic, with so many amazing, smells, sights and people! 

We were spared the red meat aisle, which I am both bummed, and relieved about.

The chicken aisle was a tad daunting.

We learnt so much, my favorite fact being that betadine is actually made from turmeric and iodine!

And I can totally back that up as I chopped turmeric at this mornings class and my hands look like I’ve been smoking for 20 years!!

We cooked 5 dishes 8 dishes all up, and were served 2!

Lots of fantastic spices and fresh vegetables! The colours were so great, and the taste, fantastic! 

Lots of chilli, garlic, ginger and lime! 

So fresh and tasty! If only I could retain all the information! Luckily we were all given a recipe book, including substitutes!

On returning to Sanur, sisters and I hit the town to change more money, and return to Little Bird, just to make sure their Bintang was still good. It was.

Possibly a silly move. As returning to the villa, we found the mummas (our new term for Mum and middle sisters MIL, as given by every Balinese person we have come across), well the mummas were missing.

After much searching on the beach, we found them at No Bullshit Jenny’s store, shopping up a storm!

A few Bintang under the belt, and fresh cash from the exchange, equaled a bit of an accidental shopping spree on No Bullshit Jenny’s strip! 

So very hard to put up a fight when your tired, and have too many Bintang under your belt. 

“Why you not shop at my shop?”, “I see you shop at Jenny’s shop”. 

Mannnnnn, ok, ok. I’ll just have a look.

Next thing, sarongs, bags, earrings. And much head shaking. And no doubt, little shop keepers rubbing their little hands together!

Sandra, shop #2, you got me good.

Then back to the villa to laugh and curse ourselves for our stupidness, before hitting the beach for tea.

A long, long walk up to the other side of Sanur (marked by a gigantic piece of land and crumbling resort that was once the Hyatt), to Lilla Pantain for dinner.

A delicious dinner followed by a brisk walk back to the villa, avoiding the beach dogs, and now in bed again!

Hopefully we’ll have time to check out the crazy things we bought, sometime tomorrow!



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