No Manta.

Bali Day 4. Another sunrise start to the day, beautiful and much clearer than yesterday!

We were stopped halfway on our walk by a group of tourists from where, we’re not sure, but they were very excited to have their photo taken with middle, oldest sister & I!

First just a few people at first, then a whole bunch of them! We ended up doing a few jumping photos for good measure and everyone left smiling and laughing!

A quick breakfast & money exchange before our new driver picked us up and delivered us to our boat for the trip to Nusa Lembongan!

About a half hour boat ride to the island, then onto a smaller boat for our snorkel with the Manta Rays, or Manta as they say!

A very squally trip to Manta point, with Wyatt and our learner driver getting some experience on the way!

The water is amazing! A totally new colour that I have never seen. Ink blue in the deep, and iridescent blue as the waves smash on the rocky cliffs! Stunning!

MIL stayed on the boat to watch, but Mumma joined us in her spongebob life jacket, and we swam and swam for hours! Plenty of fish to be seen, tusk fish, “gill” fish, sturgeon fish, bait fish galore, sadly lots of rubbish, and even more sadly, no Mantas. 

The universe has snubbed me again.

We did get to swim through a super cool archway in the cliff into “broken beach”, with some scary big sets rolling in! 

Then I was snubbed yet again with the sea gods blessing me with a bout sea sickness.

The last of my snorkelling for the day.

Middle and eldest sister had one more swim in a shallow coral reef, before we headed back to Lembongan.

We then hired Wyatt to drive us around the island for our last few hours, passing lots of scooters, jungle dogs and hidden villas and cafes!

First stop was Devils Tear, a blow hole type jut in the cliffs which we drove past in the boat on our way from Manta point. 

Impressive is an understatement. Stunning blues and huge swell, resulting in massive sea spray and rainbows! 

Dream Beach was the next stop, another gorgeous beach tucked away, with a resort perched above it on the cliff.

A steep climb down was worth the swim, though the huge waves, steep entry and massive swell/current kept many out of the water.

Middle, eldest sister and I went in, with a fair amount of concentration needed, then laughed so very hard watching Mumma get rolled about on the shore, crumbed in sand, tousled by the huge waves and uneven ground.

Eventually rescued by eldest sister, she managed to come away unscathed.

A quick Bintang, then back to the boat and home to Sanur.

A well deserved swim and Bintang for all at the Villa, before heading to the streets for dinner at the night markets.

Lots of interesting dishes available, all cooked on the spot, and pretty much all tasty!

We then had a wander through the streets, making our way to the resident Ogoh Ogoh (monster)! She is beautiful! One moths hard work by the people of the village, to be burnt at Nyepi festival!

Now home to bed, ready to paint and sleep, and continue to rock and roll on the waves of the deep blue sea! 



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