Bali day 3! Phew! Another monster day!We kicked the day off with a sunrise walk along the Sanur beach! 

A gorgeous view with the volcano showing his fave through the clouds for the first time since we arrived!

The beach dogs and early risers were out and about, and after breakfast at a very interesting, cute little street side cafe, we hit the road with our wonderful driver/guide Kadek, to Tanah Lot, the temple by the sea!

The rain made for tricksy scooter driving, and there were plenty of ponchos flapping in the breeze as they precariously rode past us!

We were greeted at the temple grounds by some Balinese critters, owls, Lewaks and flying foxes! Gorgeous! 

Then on with the mass crowds to see the awe inspiring temple! 

We walked across the low tide where we were each blessed by spring water from the inside of the temples small island, before we walked the few steps still allowed to be trodden!

More exploring of the grounds and the beautiful vistas, before we wound our way through villages to Seminyak. 

With our best poker faces in we headed into the shopping district of Seminyak, all coming out somewhat happy, somewhat disappointed with our shopping, or lack thereof.

Bargaining for everything is hard on the brain! Thank god for Kadek!!

We tried till dusk to get everything we wanted, but sadly had to walk away and head for the nearest Bin Tang!

Bali Buddies arranged a booking at K Resto on Seminyak beach where

We kicked back in our bean bags and “Tidak, Teri Makasi”‘d our way through the evening.

The many beach vendors are quite persistent, though middle sister happily purchased some kites, and was even able to test one out!

A special end to our evening came in the releasing of paper lanterns, personalized with our wishes!

Our beautiful driver/guide then delivered us safely home, with much laughter once again.

We sadly said goodbye for the last time, and strongly suggest anyone looking for a driver look him up! He’s fantastic! 

Struggling to keep my sleepy eyes open as I type, so off to bed.

Let’s hope all our wishes reach the right ears!  



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