Monkeys! So many monkeys! 

Day 2 in Bali seen us venturing into the mountains of Ubud!Oh my goodness! What a beautiful district!

It was a lot of driving, which was made all the more wonderful by our fantastic, funny, terribly patient and helpful driver/guide! 

It was so difficult to decide which side of the car to look out! The scenery is so eclectic and interesting! Stalls of every kind, from kites and paintings to birds and squash racquets! 

Next thing you know your in home renovation paradise with beautifully hand carved wooden, stone and metal sculptures and furniture happening right there on the street!

We are lucky enough to be here in beautiful Bali in the lead up to the day of silence, and the festival that precedes it! Sadly, we fly out before it, but giant fantastically scary sculptures are being created all over the country side! And just seeing them all is the coolest thing ever!

Monkey Forrest! So much fun!

We deliberated on going, but I’m so glad we did! 

Beautiful sculptures all throughout, and of course monkeys! 

I’m left feeling jilted once again, as the animal kingdom leaves me waiting on the sidelines, watching middle sister and big sister be blessed with monkey encounters. Why universe, why????

Anywho, we left the Monkey Forrest and headed to the rice terraces! WOW!

The trek down, up, down and up again, was well worth the worn knee cartilage and ankle pain! 

As advised by our fabulous holiday planners, Bali Buddies, we wound our way through scooter and van congested madness, to remote rice fields, which hid within them, the wonderful treasure that is Jungle Fish! 

My first edge pool experience, and the first time I’ve eaten lunch on a day bed suspended from the ceiling, over a rainforest, next to a river!!! 

The perfect rest to start our very first bartering market trip.

Not so wow.

I admit I find the bargaining, stalking, avoiding eye contact, and thinking on my feet thing, very very intimidating and exhausting, but it was a great experience and good fun.

The colours in the market are amazing! The smells, hard to handle, but the majority of shop keepers are pretty good! 

Tedak, tera makasi! No thankyou!!

Did manage to handle my first buy, and we all came away mostly un-ripped off, with all credit going to our driver for his advice and negotiating skills!

From Ubud, back to Senur, stopping off at the most amazing gigantic monkey/Hindi sculpture any of us have ever seen!

Few beers by the pool, a great dinner at Bennos on the beach, a FaceTime call to my gorgeous Dan, G1, G2 & G3, and now home to bed! To rest my aching, trekking legs, and dream of attacking monkeys!  



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