Panties, I hate that word.

We’re in Bali! Myself, my mum, middle sister, big sister, and middle sisters MIL! We arrived at 4am this morning, woken ingloriously by middle sisters nightmare at 8am, and hit the ground running, in true Earl/Murray holiday style!
We are staying in the sleepy seaside town of Sanur. Known to locals as Snore.It’s beautiful! Getting in so late, the sights were lost in the darkness, though the odd statue, and scooter close call, still drew a gasp as we drove by.

The money exchange was the first stop, which much to many taxi, and drivers disappointment, we chose to Walk to. “Jalan jalan”!(walking, walking)
Breakfast was a backtrack to a great little street side restaurant, The Porch, then back on up the strip to Hardys supermarket for some villa supplies! Mostly beer, and water.
Back at the villa, again disappointing taxis with our”jalan jalan”, despite the armfuls of groceries and bodies dripping in sweat. 
The morning passed in a blur, and our massage and shopping hadn’t even begun! 
So off to the day spa we trekked, for our first Balinese massage experience! 
I’ve never been so torn between putting up my prudish defences, and surrendering to the astral plane that is massage bliss.
Anything that requires you to put on “panties” the size of a matchbox, instantly makes me uncomfortable.
Undies made of hair net. Who knew?
Once again I’m in deeper than I intended. Shoulder & head massage, turned full body massage. Full. Body.
Now I’m not complaining, as I said, it was a wild conflict of emotions. It’s like I was paralysed, with my brain going “oh my god, she’s going to massage my boobs!”, and my useless body rendered immobile, nothing but a mass of relaxed flesh and bone, held together by paper panties (I hate that word), lavender oil, and goosebumps. 
(Highly recommend Cosmo day spa in Sanur!)
Seems a good neck rub can make you forget & forgive almost anything.
Middle sister & I hit the pavement while we waited for the rest of the crew to finish their “treatments”. (Sadly, no accidental boob massages to be had.)
Was awesome, checking out the stalls and the crazy drivers! Stopped at “Little bird” for a few badly negotiated Bintang and people watching, very cool spot!
A cross country style school run was happening down the street which was fun to watch, if not quite dangerous and nerve wracking! We now need to learn “go, go” & “keep going” in Balinese. And the young fellow who had hunkered down on a scooter, happily cheating his way to victory with his mates was pretty hilarious!
Had a quick shop at “No Bullshit Jennys” & then Bintang down on the beach, the rain made it all very quiet, which was great for minimal harassing! 
Back to “Little bird” for a fantastic, amazing value dinner, a swim in our villa pool, a nice, laughter filled debriefing on the Balinese unique massage techniques (seems big sister got one too) then bed!
What on earth will tomorrow bring! Whatever it is, hopefully it involves no paper panties! 
  Stan, confused and contemplating the massage “panties “. 

Stan with our week supplies!!


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