Christmas rush!


I write this blog
tonight, under the cover of semi-darkness, courtesy of the (search) light from G12’s fish tank, and a pounding heart, courtesy of Santa!
Oh my goodness. There is no greater rush, than completing a Christmas Eve Santa visit. The adrenalin is coursing through my veins. I had my alarm set for 12, but thought I’d test the waters. Seeing an opportunity I took it, and am now back in bed, at 11, trying to settle my racing pulse, get some sleep. And picking Santas chocolate biscuit from my just brushed teeth.
After 16 years in the game, I have some tips for new & expecting mothers. 
Limber up. I forget every time, and creak like tinman from every joint. Ankle pops echo extra loud on Christmas Eve!
When purchasing or making a stocking for your cherub, make/buy 2 exact replicas! That way you can just switch them out, instead of terrifyingly hiding in your bathroom or the back yard, stuffing like a mad squirrel. 
Also wrap all Santa gifts in material! No crinkling, no heart stopping seconds when you grab one too hard and swear you’ve woken someone! No tell tale noise at all. Makes for piss easy smuggling and placing. 
These may be a little expensive, and time consuming, but it’s worth it. At least I bet it would be. 
I didn’t have these tips.
No no. I’ve learnt the hard way. 
A few years ago at our hut, I was doing my midnight run, Dan doing his best to help out by sending snore waves across the land, I’d done the back yard stocking/crinkle stuff, and was finishing my tree deliveries when I leant, rather quickly, down to grab something I dropped, and being total darkness, with wild adrenalin, and running short on time, I neglected to notice I was right next to the kitchen table.
I smashed my head so hard I thought I was going to pass out. And all that was running through my head in those head spinning, star bursting moments, was “the kids are going to find me bleeding, unconscious, with their Santa stockings and Santa gifts scattered around my body! The jig will well & truly be up.”
Thankfully I managed to stay composed, and the kids slept through the bang. A well placed fringe concealed the bruising, and I was able to pat myself on the back for another successful run.
Heres hoping I’ve managed to pull it off again tonight! All for the love of our babies!
Christmas brings out the warrior mum in us all! 
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight! Xx


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