Me and Jennifer Beals

School holidays! Ahh, the bliss of not having to pack lunches or wash clothes regularly!
We have just had a week at the hut and it was wonderful!
My activities were somewhat stunted thanks to my moon boot, though the beer seemed to go down just as easy.

Actually getting around wasn’t too bad, the hut is all concrete so I mostly rolled about on my stool and crutched about the best I could. There was no beach or creek visiting sadly, waaaay to tricksy! 

(I’m hoping to use the rest of my recovery time inventing sand shoes for crutches. Sort of like snow shoes, but better!)

I did get out in the boat and caught a good fish, and had a bed on the verandah that was easy to get into and offered lovely sky views! 

I had helpers on hand for the toilet and bathroom doors (heavy and impossible on crutches) and discovered a silver lining to the awkwardness that is showering at the hut on one leg.

As I can’t yet stand on 2 legs, showering has been a seated affair, which at home, is fine, however at the hut, sitting on the ground would be both painful and gross. 

The solution was a 2 chair set up, one for bathing, one for drying. And every night I got to be Jennifer Beals in Flash Dance!

Our hut shower is like a tin bucket on a pulley system, you fill the tin with hot water from the donkey (sounds confusing I know), pull a chain, the water comes out the “shower rose” and, bobs your uncle, your showering.

The first of the water is always cold though, and given that I had to sit, I was much further from the bucket than usual, meaning it was colder still.

This required a head tilt to avoid those first cold drops on my head, and a sore leg propped out to avoid discomfort.

Pull the chain and, Whala! I was Alex from Flash dance! If she was in a hut, at the beach, 20 years older, bung leg, washing salt and rid from her skin, a few too many fourex summers under her belt, and most definitely not a dancer.

Put a little humor in my awkwardness anyway. I’m sure Jennifer would be horrified!!! 



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