Recycled Spider Havens

As my reader will know, I grew up in a coal mining town.

Not just any town, a brand new town! Everything that’s there now was built during our first years there, and like many of the other purpose built towns in CH, it was a make-do society.

Early shops were set up in houses, wet messes and club houses were dongas, locals chipped in financially, and physically helped to build important places like churches, youth centers and pubs. 

Motor bike tracks were pushed, golf clubs and sporting fields turfed, and an active, wonderfully social community was born!

Now the term mining town means a great big coal mine was just down the road. And on great big mines, lives great big mining machinery. Great big machines need great big tyres, and, acting far beyond their years in terms of upcycling, early Tieri townsfolk decided that the old truck tyres would be just the thing to add some adventure to our school playground.

These tyres were AWESOME! Some were cut in half and placed like giant bridges! Others were left intact and on their side, filled with sand (they have these at my girls primary school still)! 

They whacked some bright paint on them, and they fit right in among the swings and arm breakers, aka monkey bars.

The bridge ones were my favorite!!! The tread was worn in places, sometimes back to shiny, upping the difficulty level in climbing them! But the chunks of tread that were left could be used as great hand and foot holds. 

They’d get so hot in summer, but the bonus was the shade provided underneath.

In the redback den.

Yes. Redbacks. 

This was the only downside to these wonderful playthings! 

Which sucked because they were so great to hide in, in hide & seek!

You could fit at least 3 people in there, pressed up against the inside of the tyre. One on each side, and one Van Damme style on the roof! 

The anticipation would be incredible, the seeker would throw a quick glance under the tyre, see nothing and run along! 

Then we’d drop down, giggle and run away.

Until the redbacks and huntsmans moved in. 

These little balls of death and their friends seemed to love the tyres just as much as we did. 

You’d think that would be enough to keep us out.  However it just added another dimension to the fun of lunchtime play!

Hide and seek and dodge the spider! 

And you know what? No one ever got bit! 

They breed us tough out here. And clever! 




On a side note, those tyres also made great gardens and aquariums! My friend kept a pet turtle in his backyard truck tyre/turtle home! 


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