Still counting

1 month in. 

The Spincident is still the forefront of my life.

Recovery is slow, and now more investigation is needed etc etc. 

it’s a strangely depressing process. Far more roller coaster-y than I expected. Though I am still making an effort to count my blessings and today, I have this ……


My UK bloodlines are coming through and I’m finding great comfort in tea. Sadly, making tea, then carrying tea to a foot resting position is near impossible.

I have to make a quarter cup of tea to ensure there’s any tea left in the cup, and no tea on the hopping trail from my kitchen to my lounge/home.

With the aid of this little beauty, I am hoping I’ll now be able to enjoy my soul healing tea in its entirety!


I also have a new washing trolley! Yay! This is proving most helpful for tidying and transporting things and will be even more so, once I can walk again. I’m hoping to use it like toddlers use those trolleys of blocks. My kids loved those. And they were walking fine in no time at all!

So through my journey on “thunderbolt”*sad/hopefull/despondent/confident/missing Dan/proud of my helpful girls/eating bulk broccoli and salmon (magic healing powers)/drinking tea/reading too many books/footless workouts/painting/independently running kids about in the fancy Auto, I pledge to continue to find the good, and count my blessings. Wish me luck.


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