Mumma’s gettin crabby!

3 weeks to the day since the Spincident.

There are some positives and negatives, balancing to out to make everything ok.

Dan has gone on his fishing trip. Negative as now the only adult is me and I’m broken. But positive as it will be a great trip for them and we will have plenty of injury healing, omega 3 filled fish upon his return!

My lovely Emerald family have loaned me their automatic car.

Super positive as now I can drive kids to various activities and maybe even shop if I get brave!

I start my physio on Friday.

Positive as it means recovery phase and hopefully lots of swimming! Negative as I’m terrified of extra pain and our local pools heater is broken.

And they’re my only biggies. So not too bad at all. 

Another positive did happen this morning. I was peaking out for a few days that something was happening on my foot. The one in the boot. My toes hurt and from there my brain convinced me that some kind of awful bed sore/abscess had formed and it was slowly and grossly rotting my foot away.

I’m not supposed to take the boot off unless I really have to. And after failed attempts at sticking my phone in my boot to get a photo, I knew I really had to get this boot off.

So after I took the kids to school and performed my footless workout (yes they exist) I tentatively removed the boot.

Huzzah! Nothing. No bed sore, no abscess, just an over active imagination. Seems by brain is great at convincing me of awful things, but not shutting off pain receptors. Awesome.

However, what I did find has left me pretty bemused.

All my life I’ve wanted skinny legs, and it seems I may have stumbled upon the answer. Hello moon boot.

I have become the human equivalent of a fiddler crab. I know I’ve never had small legs or ankles (my wrists on the other hand are tiny. I’ve always wanted a body made out of my wrists) but now my good leg looks ridiculous. No doubt gaining Herculean strength from carting my body about. My bad ankle seems to be making up for the depletion in calf size. Thanks bad ankle.

And not to leave out any other crustaceans, I have found an eery affinity with the humble hermit crab. Every time the boot comes my foot becomes a fragile, out of place little hermit crab body looking for a new shell. Praying it finds it before a predator arrives, or it slips trying to get out of the shower.

So there’s some more positives. Outweighing the negatives by far. 



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