Spincident distraction! 80’s toys!!!



 Today I’m commiserating the 1 week anniversary of “The Spincident” by browsing the internet. Again.

My world is confined to the lounge, and TV is incredibly boring. I think I’ve spent my monthly quota on Amazon books for my kindle, and my trips to the bathroom, kitchen and nerd room have to be weighed against the pain caused by moving. 

Though I did manage to get to all 3 safely today!

Kids at school, Dan at work, just me and the budgies in the lounge room.

Those guys do provide entertainment, however I think I need a privacy screen of some sort in front of their cage. Petries sexy obsession with his food dish is quite disturbing to witness. Seems he likes his food. A lot. Wink, wink.


Anyway, back to the internet. Seeing as I can’t actually paint in my current predicament, I have been researching instead. 

Sometimes my research waivers, and I end up in odd places.

Today I found a whole list of 80’s/90’s popular toys! I think it was American, but I was able to identify a few! 

So to ease my self pity/boredom, I have listed some popular toys, and my association with them.

In no particular order- 

1.Heman- who didn’t love the master of the universe? I admit I was far more interested in battlecat, and once She-ra came out I converted. But as a whole, great franchise. I had she-ra and Cat-ra, her sultry nemesis! Again, I may have been more interested in She-ra’s sword (or was it her breast plate? My memory eludes me). It had a clear gem in it. I have a thing for clear things. And unbelievably, as luck would have it, on one of our regular Dump scavenging trips, yes this was a thing, Dad found a whole bunch of He-man toys!! Nothin wrong with ’em!! We had he-man, battlecat, some other dudes, all we were missing was greyskull, which was very easy to recreate with ones imagination and a tissue box!

2. Poochie- Ahh poochie. Our childhood across the road neighbors had a son my age, Marky, and by all accounts, photos, and some fuzzy memories, we were, what today’s 5 year olds would describe as BFF’s. If he was over when Mum was doing my hair he would always ask her to do Poochie Tails. Like piggy tails, but fluffier. Just like Poochies big poofy pink ears! Have a look at my school photos from preschool to year 4. Poochie Tails. On a side note one day Marky was busting at the seems to come over and show us a baby possum he had found! Mum loves to recall the moment he parted his cradled arms to show her what was actually a dead rat!

3. TMNT, formally known as, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles- heck yeah. My childhood idols. I loved these guys and their sass talkin, pizza eatin, crime fightin ways! I had genuine Michelangelo, Donatello, Raphael and Leonardo, and a stand in rubber rat who took on the role as splinter. For a while I only had one, I can’t remember which, but he came with flippers and a kick board/missile thing that would make him sort of dive. He got up to all sorts of adventures in our bath tub/ lagoon. On dry land I set up a fishing line come zip line from my bunk bed to the door so he could go all Tango & Cash on Shredder and his goons! I think I even ended up with Beebop and Rocksteady! I religiously snipped tokens from the paper to collect the limited edition coins, which I proudly still have today!

4. Jumping things- oh man, they were fun! I guess they were supposed to be kangaroos? One of our was anyway, it had ears and I think a pouch painted on? The other was like gazelle horns! For reasons beyond me, I remember the texture of these when bitten. Hours of fun up and down the hallway, bouncing into each other. They could also create awesome amounts of static electricity! Leaving the victor waving their finger around like a light saber while the victim ran for the safety of the Lino in the kitchen. Static can’t hurt you on Lino.

5. Cabbage Patch Kids- I remember my sisters getting these for Christmas. They got boys. They were gorgeous! So smart in their little vests and shoes! I received a “patch kid” shortly after. A cheaper, inferior version of the Cabbage Patch Kid. Lacking both a belly button and a signature. I loved it all the same and recall becoming quite distraught when I found I’d lost her shoe somewhere in Surfers Paradise. At least I hadn’t lost my parents. Again. Anywho, I eventually got my very own Ridgy didge cabbage patch son. Rounding out our trio of Rodrick, Willis and Nero. My sisters used to host, and attend, birthday parties for the various Cabbage Patch babies in town. There’d be relays and games and cake. The Cabbage Patches seemed untouchable on their pedestal of No.1 toys! Bom bom bom booom! Until the day word got out that Cabbage Patches were evil. Made by the devil himself and a band of clever witches come seamstresses! Each baby containing, inside, a Death certificate. The rein of the cabbage patch was over. Into the cupboard, face down, they went. Never to attend another social function.

6. Barbie- can’t leave her out. Yeah we had a few. I’d set up tropical oasis’s in our fern garden, or beach trips in our bath. They’d attend drive in films in the lounge room in tissue box cars and my sister would cut their hair. She was naughty. The dogs would inevitably get to them, this we would introduce the disabled barbies back to the group with grand tail of adventure and battles that led to their severed limbs or disfigured faces. There were barbies with no necks, I guess they were faux barbies coz once those heads came off, there was no easy way to get them back on without her looking like an American quarterback. I had the whole New Kids on the Block gang, with piercings and rats tails (they’re still around, currently hanging tough with my nieces), and my sister had Barbie and the Rockers! Those rockers were soooo hot right now! She also had a Gem doll. Barbie and the Rockers nemesis. Again the one detail I remember clearly is her earrings, as they were clear.

7. Alf- he was awesome. We didn’t have him, but loved the show, and I had to include him as it seems we now have the same hair.

8. Tazos- this includes all the collector cards found in chip packets back in the day. Which makes me think of the gobbledock, he was Alf, only instead of cats he loved to eat chips! Meet didn’t get to buy chips to often but when we did, getting a collector card was always great! And once all the chip flavors came with extra flavor packets inside instead of collector cards! I never enjoyed these. I think it recall a story about someone snorting the salt and vinegar flavor packet? It makes my saliva glands go crazy just thinking about it. And makes my sinuses burn. It may have been the same guy who, in a state of hungry intoxication, accidentally ate a tazo. How the hell do you eat a Tazo?

9. Nintendo- I’m not talking your fancy, plug-into-the-TV, Nintendo. I’m talkin old school. We had 2 hand held Nintendo games like the ones in the photo! Shark island and donkey Kong! You can keep your donkey kong, the sharks were my thing! Actually I think we had 3? A fishing one as well. And of course, the shark one was middle sisters, the fishing one was eldest sisters, and I guess I got the dregs. Without ownership of course. I could “play” donkey kong, which was 2 screens, and boooorrrring! To compensate I would spend lots of time with Mario and his cement factory! God I loved that game! And, I still have it! You have to hold the giant D batteries in, and the graphics are getting pretty shifty, but it’s still awesome! 

10. The Brick Game- next to puzzle bubble, the addictive arcade game that I spent far too much money on as a teen, the brick game rules supreme. I couldn’t afford a fancy Tetris game, so brick game was my salvation. And I was great at it. As an adult I have Tetris on my phone and my children are wowed by my block stacking abilities. Yes ma’am, mummy spent many an hour honing those skills. And unlike stinky equations or long division, it’s a skill so adaptable to real life! I’m often commented on my shopping trolley techniques!

Tomorrow… My favorite computer games! Gooooo 64!!


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