Ramblings of an out of action, active person.


It burns, it aches, it throbs, and it is most definitely, not cool. 

Day 6, of what shall now be known as ‘the Spincident’.

Minus the trip to Mackay, I have been on this lounge. 

By the grace of the gods I have managed, thus far, to resist buying any of the products seductively luring me in on daytime TV.*

My father in law was off work for months due to illness, and it seemed each time we would visited he’d have a new TV “wonder product”. You can never have too many ‘wonder stick, or Ab circle, pro’s’ it seems.

I guess, only time will tell if I make it through this 3 weeks without a ridgey didge fry fan, food vitimiser, horizontal Pilates trampoline, or life insurance. 

Wish me luck!!

*I am, however, quite certain the join-a-jig, would be perfect for Middle sister, we’ll see how the next few weeks pan out.


Escaping infomercials with my nephew , watching my lovely nieces 2nd favorite TV show. Cloud babies. Yes. It was as riveting as it sounds. If it sounded, not riveting at all. 


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