Stealers of songs!

This morning as I cleaned my house, (yes I am the most boring person in the world, I got up and cleaned my house on a Sunday. It was my only chance, G2 and G3 were off at a Cheerleading workshop and I had the full use of G1 before she flittered off to do teenagey things), anyway, as myself and a sloth-like G1 were cleaning iTunes was happily providing some background to the mundane chores.

I was happily scrubbing and singing along when an old favourite came on. Holy Grail by Hunters and Collectors. Yeah you know it. An Aussie icon. And sadly now, every time I hear it I picture men in tight shorts. This is not a good thing.

You see some years ago, the marketing people at AFL (aka Aussie Rules, or “footy” for those outside Qld and NSW) had the brilliant idea of taking this much loved oz anthem, and using it as the theme song for AFL. All well and good. If you enjoy AFL. I however don’t. Nothing against it you see. Just that I was brought up a Rugby League person. I am also a Hunters and Collectors person.

But the song, which used to transport me to some kind of medieval crusades day dream, now takes me to a football game I don’t understand, and men in muscle shirts.

Not cool marketers, not cool.

This isn’t the first time, and wont be the last. I, along with every teenager in 1998, loooved Eagle Eye Cherry and their singe Save Tonight.

This song was particularly poignant for me after I graduated year 12.  I would listen to the single over and over and lament the fact that I was moving away, torn from the arms of my true love, Dan. (Eye roll. Another story, the most tragic 24 hours of my teen life).

Now when I hear that song, you know what I think of? A car. I think it’s a Ford ad? Not sure, anyway, it’s still a car. Not a teenaged couple never wanting to say goodbye, but a car.

Again not cool.

My most stinging betrayal comes in the form of processed cheese. Squished into tube form. Somehow magic-ed into strips, then sealed in a barely penetrable plastic cover.


I bought these for G1 once when she was little. She hated them. I tasted them. And we never bought them again.

Now their song choice to promote these delicious tubes of yellow rubber was taken from another band that I have long loved. Garbage.

Remember their song “Paranoid”? Yeah, great song hey?

Well it was.

“Bend me, break me
Anyway you need me
All I want is you”

Yes these was also borrowed from American Breed, but Garbage used them well.

Kraft made them ikky. I have tried googling the ad, and the lyrics, but alas I cannot find them. Some lines are burned into my memory however.

A string cheese stick staring seductively through the TV, beckoning me

“bend me, break me anyway you need me, as long as you eat me, coz I’m all natural cheese”.

Natural? Really?

Your fooling no one sexy cheese.

Hehe, this isn’t the marketing pic, just a cool one I found on the internet! Thankyou internet!



I’m sure there are many more stories out there.

Have you had your favourite tune sell out?



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