It’s Clermont Show Day

Ahhh Show Day.

It’s a bit like labour, really.

All memories of it are wonderful and shiny and fun. (Ok, that doesn’t sound like labour at all, but stay with me.)

But every time you go back, you remember why it’s not so great. 

It’s hard. 

And hot. Bloody hot. 

But it was cold that time a few years ago, and only 6degrees, when you woke, so you pop on jeans and pack a jumper. 

Stupid Mummy.

And your kids fight. 


And are way, way, waay too indecisive. 

“Do you want to go on that ride?”. “Ummmmm. Maybe. Only if G2/3/1 goes on it”. ” but I want to go on the spin-till-you-die ride”. “Well I’m not going if she doesn’t”. “Well it’s not fair if she spends her tickets on something funner” etc etc. 

And the food. 

Looks delicious. Leaves an awful, slimy lining on your internal organs. For days.

The cost! 

Man, don’t get me started. 

$15 for a ride?!?! 

$15 for a paper thin pizza?!?

$3000 for a cheap plastic filled show bag!( love that nick name. Show Bag=Not worth 2 bob and full of shit).

But you know what. That’s the only downers I can think of. 

When you compare it to the memories, the fun, the anticipation when you drive up! The excitement as you enter the pavilions! The hours of fun from the whoopie cushion in your million dollar show bag! The laughs from the crazy poultry and the creepy showies come on lines (purely to get you play)! That smell of Dagwood dogs and cattle! The hilariousness of the dog show dogs! (Man,I love the dog show!) The giant pumpkins (this year we KNEW the winner! 100kg! Crazy!) The felt hats, the boots, the pig races! The exhaustion and stories from the back seats as you drive home!

This, this is why WE LOVE THE SHOW!!

And just ask the girls, and Dan (though he got a freebie. Seems it’s not only showie men who pick their mark), the $15, scream-till-you-die, ride was TOTALLY worth it! 

Well done Clermont! Xx 


-As a side note, we entered lots of art work and photography, and all but 1 (another downer I had to deal with) won places! Yay us!!! And I think the year 5 placings were totally rigged. G3s paintings were WAAY better than her peers. 


One thought on “It’s Clermont Show Day

  1. Sue

    Love it .all so true and as the yeasts go the bags get worse but still people go. That’s what shows are for. To help communities bond. Everyone can’t be a winner but having a go makes it better for all.



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