I see you evil warepossum.

I see you evil warepossum.

When I was little, for most of the time, my bed was bunks, of which I slept on the top. So as to be further away from the monsters that lived under my bed. I also kept my cupboards and drawers shut tight as I was no fool when it came to the habitats of these child hungry creatures of the night. *

If I needed a drink in the night, tough kitties. I would die of thirst before I left that bunk. However if I needed to pee, not so easily ignored. I would take all my courage, strength and will power and combine these powers to get out of that room, legs and feet intact.

I would leap from the end of my bunk, to the doorway.

Yes sir. Perhaps this is why my knees are buggered. Anyway, no monsters were grabbing my little legs, nu uh.

That was terror #1 taken care of. Then came terror #2. Our toilet was in the laundry, which opened onto the backyard, and the door we never shut. (Our Silky terriers and hungry possums could come and go as they pleased. Whole nother post regarding Mum Vs Possum).

And so could the monsters.

Yeah, peeing was a bit of a nightmare, thankfully I was never eaten or stolen by beasties.

There were also desk fans on top of the cupboard in my roo. That were individually covered by pillowcases. Thanks Mum. A little trio of evil Caspers constantly on watch. Why didn’t you just draw eyes on them to seal the deal?

The numerous wildlife in the vicinity always added to the terror of night time, and anyone who has ever heard a possum laughing/growling/preparing to morph into a warewolf, will easily attest to the terror they can induce.

There is nothing like that moment when your heart stops and your blood turns to ice as all your limbs freeze and your chest implodes. Awaiting the inevitable devouring. And still he laughs ” eh eh eh ehehhhh”. But waaaay meaner.

How more children don’t have heart attacks is beyond me.

Middle sister was plagued by Possum/monsters, and would drape her neck with hair to ward off vampires.

Our father let us watch horror movies. A lot. Perhaps he was clever in instilling a sense of total fear. No wandering off in the dark for this lot.

Even as teens, when middle sister and I would hear a noise outside our super chilled lounge room oasis, there was NO WAY we were going outside to see what it was. Mum would sigh, get up from writing her letters and inspect the perimeter. We would sit and think how brave yet mental she was to be sacrificing herself like that.

I don’t recall when the transition came and I had no issue walking through the bush alone at night, as I often did to get to and fro, and had no drama sitting out in the yard alone, wishing on stars, sat in my darkened room burning candles and tending to crystals, but I came to embrace the night. With the exception of looking out my window to the Pet Cemetery in the Back Yard, or opening the cupboard. A girls not stupid.

I am now the perimeter guard round here, just like my Mum was. If there is a sound or a ruckus, its me in my PJ’s with a headlamp doing the rounds. My fear long ago replaced by irritation as the girls wait anxiously at the door.

Then he laughs and I die a little. And quickly go and shut all the cupboards.

*Constant argument trigger in this house. They are forever leaving their cupboards and drawers open. It drives me quite literally insane to walk in and find them gaping open like rude, hungry mouths. I am truly tempted to hire Monster in my Closet to terrify them into keeping them shut.


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