Bravo Bruno


The Snorks!!

The Snorks!!

On the weekend I was granted the very, very rare privilege of watching Australian Saturday Morning icon, Rage.

There’s been a brief window for me when I could actually enjoy this program.

When I was younger, I wanted to watch cartoons. And was brutally chastised by Elder Sister if she even caught me watching the Smoggies or Aqua Boy instead of Rage.

How could she tell, seeing as she actually slept in EVERY Saturday?


She would wake early, press record, and go back to bed.

I would wake, sometimes to my detriment, just after she had gone back to bed and pop on my shows.

This would result in maybe 10 minutes of Rage, followed by a fuzz, then 2 hours of the above shows, or the Snorks, or the Mysterious Cities of gold. Or Agro and Cartoon connection. God I loved Agro.

Anyway, I would always be in deep, deep trouble.

When I was a teenager, I would sit and watch Rage after I had gotten home and eaten a nice microwave lasagne, or pie sandwich, therefore catching the midnight till whenever I fell asleep section of Rage.

Then I would sleep through until I could smell bacon and eggs cooking and scoot off to somewhere around town with my mates. Again.

So it was only when G1 was on the way, and then young enough to have no control over the TV viewing, that I got to sit and watch Rage.

But by then I was far to busy.

As she grew, G1 loved Blues Clues (I loved Steve) and Bear in the Big Blue House (which had been smuggled to our house via a dodgy brothers set up at the pay TV junction. Our whole street had it! It was great!). So no Rage then.

G2 came along, then G3 and by then I had no hope, or intention of ever being able to sit and watch any kind of TV again. Let alone anything fun and entertaining to people over 10.

Anyway, we now have a TV in our room. Huzzah! have had for a while now, and despite what the relationship experts say, it’s fantastic. You should try it. So now Rage isn’t such a rare delicacy.

But I get quite disheartened watching it.

Every film clip has half, or 3/4 naked women, acting very, very, un lady like. And very boring.

What did I miss?

What happened to Green Jelly with the 3 Little Pigs?

Or Ween with Push the Little Daisies?

Blind Mellon with No Rain?

Or to bring it past the 90’s, Basement Jax with Where’s your Head At?

The most scandalous film clips I remember where Madonna’s Like a Prayer and George Michaels Too Funky. That Eva was so shiny!!!

It’s pretty much all soft core porn. And while I’m at it, lyrics people, lyrics! It’s all about money, drugs/booze and sex. Where’s Roxette and Extreeme? Come on Black Eyed Peas, where is the love?

Yeah, I’m old.

My one shining star of salvation was Bruno Mars. Someone I usually shun, because despite his super catchy songs, sometimes I find his lyrics irritating. And I know he is tricking me into liking his songs by using old riffs, I just know!

But this Saturday, I watched the film clip for Uptown Funk. And there’s was one, fleeting glimpse of ladies, regularly dressed ladies, and then the rest of the clip was just blokes dancing.

Cool dancing.

I liked it. I really liked it.

And you know what, even if the Snorks was on the other channel, I probably would have kept watching it.

Ok, that’s a lie. I would have switched channels. No Elder sisters to answer to anymore!*

I was still pretty impressed. Bravo Bruno, Bravo.

*Still love you Elder Sister! xx




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