Book Hangover

Update on G1 and my 100 books by New Year’s challenge.

I am well into #3 and G1 is currently still on #2.

Yes we are both behind, but trust me, it’s been a very, very busy beginning of term 1!

I finished Blue Words by M.C. Edwards, very impressed by the flow, the action packed twists and turns, the variety in the characters personalities, and was left with an unexpected Cliff-hanger. And an urge to grab some honey mead, head to our hut and light a bonfire.

This is what I realise I will have to deal with, now that this challenge has been set. Book Hangovers.

Lots of them.

100 to be precise. And I’m not sure I will be able to handle it!

As Batty Koda said to Crysta in Fern Gully “Heaven, my little wings can’t make it”.

Middle sister and I were put onto The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss a few years ago, by eldest sister.

As tends to happen, this triggered an addiction, similar I assume, to what drug addicts experience when they get hooked on “The Pot”. (Hehehe, anyone else’s parent’s call drugs “The Pot”?).

This fantastic book, was the first in a series called the KingKiller Chronicles. Name of the Wind was quickly devoured and discussed in depth, before The Wise Man’s Fear followed suit. The thing is, book 3 has not been released yet. I’m not sure if it has even been written!*

This was a hard thing to come to grips with. I NEED Kvothe. NEED him. Where is he? How is he?

I must know.

Get used to disappointment.

Thankyou man in Black, you’re very empathetic.

Many other books followed, and then, finally bending to peer pressure, Middle sister and I picked up Game of Thrones.




If King Killer is “The Pot”, Game of Thrones is “The Crack”

This was an embarrassing addiction.

As any book reader knows, you can’t ever finish mid chapter, so I would be up till all hours and rising extra early, just to get my next fix.

No matter how big a day (even on weekends after a few drinks), I HAD to read some more.

I had them all on my Kindle so I was able to take them EVERYWHERE.

Dan was mad, dinners were late, and kids were ignored.

I was a few books ahead of Middle sister, and would sometimes, unsuccessfully, wait for her to catch up.

It was months of carefully discussing parts that we had both read. It was FANTASTIC!

When my GOT supply was crudely cut off, I spiralled into withdrawals.

I, totally unexpectedly, accidentally, finished the series!!

As my books were on Kindle, the ones that had been split into 2 were actually on there as 1. I went and borrowed the actual last 2 books from middle sister, only to very upsettingly discover that I had al-read-y READ THEM!

It was awful.

Truly awful.

Book hangover-a-rama.

Now the agonising wait for Mr Martin to put pen to paper.

All is not lost however, as here to fill the void, “The Methadone”, is Mistborn Trilogy by Brandon Sanderson.

Though I fear I may be slipping into another addiction.

The signs are all there. I think about it when I put it down, charging my Kindle religiously, and seeing myself off to sleep only once my eyes refuse to stay open, (and the chapter has ended of course).

I am really loving it, and am just hoping against hope, that it really is only a 3 part series. If I get to the end of these books and realise there’s yet another author out there, taking his time (hopefully not holed up in Annie Wilkes cabin!), then I don’t know what I’ll do.

Write an angry letter, maybe. And then not send it. I’m good at that. Yeah, that’ll show ém.

However, till this magical journey through the mists ends, I am also living in 1920’s Japan with G1 and Memoirs of a Geisha, 1880’s Australia with G2 and 7 Little Australians and am currently in 1930’s Africa with Roald Dahl in Boy and Going Solo with G3.**

This hangover is going to be a mean one! Mixing books. Tsk tsk.

I’ll need more than 2ltrs of water and a pie sandwich to stave this one off.


*The book I got for Christmas from Middle sister was a short story going over one of the characters from the above books. Loved it!

**G1 and I are still debating whether these books count. I’m still not sure?


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