They’re baaaack.

Dinner crickets at the Rural Shop!

Dinner crickets at the Rural Shop!

Right now my family is facing, what I assume to be, a country town problem.

We have a cricket infestation.

Ok, I may be using the term infestation slightly out of context.

On a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being I seen one in the lounge room, 10 being the great mouse plagues of the 90’s. We’re sitting on a 2.

Maybe 2.5.

So yeah nothing too drastic, but I dare ANYONE who has had a cricket in their room, to tell me it’s no big deal.

Walking down the hall every night it’s like walking into the marshes.

G3 keeps making me check that her window is actually shut, and the only thing that seems to halt their incessant chippering is light.

It all started 2 weeks ago.

We’ve been doing some home reno’s outside. Fixing up carports, making a bikeport, and Dan built G2 and G3 a gymnastics beam. Awwww. He’s a good daddy.

Anyway, all of these jobs required the use of carpet.

Carpet which has been sitting in rolls in the vacant lot next door, waiting to be used.

What Dan neglected to tell me, was that these rolls were harboring many, many families of rouge crickets.

It probably took a week for it to dawn on me that there was a problem.

I mean, seeing 1 is nothing out of the ordinary.

But it was after shooing or releasing one every day that I started paying attention.

Dan- Have you noticed all the crickets in here lately?
Me- Why yes, G1 and I were just discussing it. Weird hey?
Dan- Hmmm. I didn’t tell you, but the other day, when I rolled out that carpet in the carport, shit loads of crickets jumped out and went under the door to the house.
Me- Staring blankly.


Why he didn’t mention it? I don’t know. What I could have done? I don’t know either.

But the girls and I have now adopted a zero tolerance, deport on sight policy. Dan killed one (I know, I was very, very mad), and wants to bug bomb the house (again, boys!!!), but I believe our method to be far more efficient.

Plus G2 has fish, and so far their surviving quite well, which is new for us, so I don’t want to risk this lucky streak!

Anyway I think we’re nearly in the clear. Except for that one hiding out in my bathroom. Slowly driving me insane.

Until I find you, dear friend. I shall keep that door shut tight, pop a pillow over my head, and try and convince myself I’m camping.

I bet it’s a boy.

P.S We went to the Rural shop the other day and I felt like I was in my room! They have containers full of crickets for sale, no doubt for lizards, or weird naturalists to eat. I think I may have found a way to benefit from our invasion!!!


2 thoughts on “They’re baaaack.

  1. Sue

    Crickets, I hear them all day everyday in my ears . Ever caught one in a tissue and felt its heartbeat? Amazing they have a truly strong heart beat. Love your blogs. X

    Liked by 1 person


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