Lessons Learned, The Night the Lights Went out at Elphinstone

photo 2 (640x480)

The morning after the night before.

photo 2 - Copy (480x640)

One of the rut/crevasse.

IMG_1324 (480x640)

Bitumen icing.

My nieces trust me with their lives. Once safely in their car on higher ground my beautiful niece, 5 year old N2 said to G2 “I though Aunty Loo wanted to put us in the rubbish bag and carry us!” The thing is she would have let me. And N3, all wide eyed with worry and fresh from sleep asking me, as she was waiting in G2 and G3’s tent for me to get her into her garbage bag raincoat “Is your tent phrong Aunty Loo?” Huh? “Is your tent phrong?” Aha! Yes my baby girl, my tent is very, very strong, and you’re safe. You’ll be fine here darling. Now let me pop your special coat on. My gosh I love those kids!

Dan is a puzzle, wrapped in a mystery, wrapped in an enigma. Actually this isn’t new to me, I’ve always known it. The same man who rages like the Incredible Hulk when a fly lands in his beer, or the battery in his drill goes flat, is as cool as ice when it comes to emergency situations. Level headed to the point it scares me. “Ah well, wagon battery’s flat”. I’ll just crack a beer and think about what to do next as lake waters rise to the back wheels and my daughters and nieces and nephews and mother in law all sleep in their tents on the WATERS EDGE!

One should always, ALWAYS, allow for the rise of water. Especially if rain is forecast. Yup, taken a few times to get this fact through. And actually I doubt it will be the last time we camp next to the water.

Time flies when you’re under dramatic stress situations. Wholey Moley, it did not seem like an entire night had passed.

Night shift and Jamesons do not mix. But boy do they make you sleepy.

Under pressure, the body can do truly amazing feats. My dad used to tell a story about fella’s on Mines rescue lifting crib huts and debris off of people, and I remember a bloke from Tieri lifted a car to rescue someone. Not quite on this level obviously, but looking back some pretty heavy lifts and deft manoeuvres were pulled off that night that I would really struggle to do any other time. Middle sister agrees. And I guess this also relates to mad feats of 4wdriving, coz my gosh, how old mate got out of that scrape, with not a mark on that vehicle, is well beyond all of us.

You can always rely on the kindness of strangers. Even blind drunk strangers wearing nothing but their Jocks. “I’m in my Jocks!!” Yes, yes I see that. Thankyou for helping.

All streams lead to the Ocean, even those off arid hills. Either that or it actually rained fish and crabs. Which I wouldn’t actually put on the impossible list.

Once again the gods or as I prefer to think of it, all of my heavenly based relatives, were paying very close attention to us. If that tent pole hadn’t have snapped, we would never have had the time to rescue all our gear. It would have been kids, dogs, us, then stuff the rest.

And finally, Base Stations are really expensive. So not something on the near horizon.




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