The Night the Lights Went out at Elphinstone-Part 4

Versatility plus!

Versatility plus!

It was clear now that this rain was not moving. However the lake certainly was.

Middle sister finally managed to wake Bil who stepped out into a different world, where the ground was liquid, and his boat was sinking.

The mad pack up began.

It was also time to move Mum, and her grandbaby tent guests, as the water was moving much closer to her tent.

Dan cleared out her car to make a bed of sorts with swags, and we moved G3, then N1 and N4, Duke of course, and then Mum, into her car before Dan drove them up to higher ground.

We were packing up gear and throwing it in the back of Bils ute, Fez also ended up in there as he kept getting caught in the rut torrents.

Dan and I began to pull our camp apart also. The water was well into the centre of our tarp and thongs and beer cans were floating around us.

We were reaching down to the shoulder in water to pull out pegs and the water was up to the trailer tyres.

I was envisioning a rut forming and tipping the whole thing on its side with the kids all in it. Dan was calm, taking time to pack stuff up properly and put it in the trailer.

We had gear packed up or moved to higher ground and decided it was finally time to move the kids.

We got what dry bedding we could find and Middle sister took it up to the cars.

I grabbed a bunch of garbage bags and tore holes in them, making impromptu rain coats to keep the kids dry for their trip up.

The little ones were all so brave and took my instructions without question. Except G1 who was all like “You want me to what?” “Why?”

“G1, the lake has risen and is up to this ladder. Just put the garbage bag on and climb out calmly. And whatever you do, don’t look back” (I didn’t say that last past, but wish I had)

She realised I was serious and trying not to freak out the little ones, so she quietly donned her garbage bag, and went to the holding area like she was told.

Middle sister then ferried the 4 of them 1 by 1 up to the cars.

Once the kids were safe and up high, the relief was palpable.

Dan and I folded up our tents and camper and Dan took the 4 wheeler up, to get the ute, to get the trailer and take it up.

A camp of young fellas from further up had by this stage noticed something was wrong and they came down, full of booze and kind hearts to help us out.

But the gutters which were once roads down to our camp were now proper hazards.

And still the rain came.



One thought on “The Night the Lights Went out at Elphinstone-Part 4

  1. Deanne James

    I love reading this so much. Funny now during the retell. Not so funny the night the lights went out. Thank you for taking it from a terrifying story near ending in divorce, to a light hearted adventure!!1



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