The Night the Lights Went out at Elphinstone-Part 3.

Bil's boat trailer now up to the wheels in running water.

Bil’s boat trailer now up to the wheels in running water.

A right storm was raging at this point, I don’t recall wind, thank goodness. But there was thunder and lightning exploding all around, and the water tearing down from the hills was wearing grooves and gutters in the land, making raging streams of muddy water.

These streams were running under Middle sister’s camp leaving the floor both in, and out of the tent like a water bed.

We moved Niece 1(N1), nephew 4 (N4) and eventually Duke, in with Mum and Nieces 2 and 3 (N2, N3) went up with G1 and G2. Fez wouldn’t keep still.

Dan got on the shovel to try and divert the water from under Middle sister’s camp, and it did help for a little bit, but the water streaming, and the rain falling would not stop, so really there was no point. These shovel ditches soon turned into dangerous ravines, invisible from the top due to the entire bank being covered with running water, but blindingly obvious once you stepped in one and quickly went down to the hip, or eventually, armpit.

G3 was being very brave at each check in, but it was all too much for her being alone, and we were taking a lot longer than intended, so she was moved down to Mums tent.

The bilge was working overtime on our boat which was getting further away as the waters slowly rose, and Bil’s tinny had a broken bilge so was starting to get perilously low in the water.

Dan just had to keep bringing the boats in closer, making Mum very anxious due to the mad lightning and ever present threat of electrocution.

As well as our camps, between us we had 5 cars, 2 boat trailers, a camp trailer and a 4 wheeler all in the path of the hill and rain water torrents.

Middle sister was the first to move her car to higher ground. She and I were starting to get worried that the rain would never stop, but Dan was calm as you like.

She got her car out, luckily before the gutters became too big, and came back with reports of enormous amounts of water coming from the hills.

Their tinny trailer sat on the bank, slowly being consumed by the water and ruts, while our boat trailer sat next to it still on our wagon, which was also looking perilously stricken on its own muddy island.

Dan conceded that yes the Lake was rising, and yes maybe it was time to move the car and trailer.

Again Middle sister and I kept monitoring the lake rise with each lightning flash and thinking of our babies all far too close for our liking.

The battery in the wagon was dead.

We would need to get the Ute, from the opposite side of camp, around to the wagon and jump start it.

The wagon at the end of one of the bigger gutters/waterfalls on the Lake.

He made it through the gutters and the obstacles and jumped the wagon back to life before moving the ute up top.

The ruts gave way as he drove the wagon and trailer out, still with all our gear laid on it, and moved them up to high ground.

And Bil slept. And still the rain came.



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