The Night the Lights Went out at Elphinstone- Part 2

The whole camp, Middle sister now next door.

From the second we climbed out of bed that next morning, the weather was amazing.

The Lake was at its absolute best. A sheet of satin rippling underneath our ski’s, and Dan’s barefeet, as we hit the water for another full day of skiing.

Middle sister and her husband (who we’ll call Bil for brother-in-law) and family turned up and set up camp next to ours in the afternoon. Mum was out on her kayak, the kids were playing in the shallows and skiing and we were all enjoying the location and the company.

That evening Dan again checked the radar and noted aloud that the rain was due to come back that night.

Again, we dropped a few poles and put things away.


The exhausted kids were all fed and put to bed, when a sudden temperature drop caught us all by surprise.

Then came a gust of wind.

Then came the rain.

After a quick wade out to the boat to put the bilge on and rescue my now wet camera, everyone brought in their chairs, moved more gear from the edge of the tarps, and went off to bed.

G3 was in our tent this time, G1 and G2 were in together, and Mum was in her tent under the tarp. Middle sister, Bil and her 4 little ones were next to us in their tent.

Duke, and Fezzick, Middle sisters 3 legged Jack Russel had been provided with a dry spot for the night (2 camp chairs), big dogs Hera and Luna were in the crate in the ute which had been covered with a fly that evening by G1 and myself. Aren’t we lovely!

All was wet.

But all was well.

The rain was bloody heavy, but we knew it couldn’t last forever.

At least, we thought it couldn’t last forever.

We were looking at the rain out the window and with each flash of lighting you could see the torrents of water starting to come down from behind our camp, straight off the hills.

A torch light flashing outside drew our attention and we could see Middle sister out in the rain fussing with the back of their tent.

Dan went to help her and I sat tight with G3.

Dan, Bil and Middle sister then reappeared at the back of their tent, clearly flustered by something, so I went off to help too.

I assured G3 all was well and that we would be back soon.

Middle sisters tent had collapsed. One of the poles had been unable to handle the volume of rain and had snapped, dropping a pool of water, and the heavy soaked canvas straight on top of 3 of her sleeping babies.

They sat somewhat shocked, sleepy and wet in their swags while Middle sister rearranged the swags and bags to the dryer and more secure area of the tent.

Bil, well Bil, was fresh off nighshift, no sleep and with a few under his belt. He was, let’s say, unable to contribute to the madness that was happening, so he went off to bed in his ute.

And Bil slept. And still the rain came.

The offending tent pole




4 thoughts on “The Night the Lights Went out at Elphinstone- Part 2

  1. Dee

    I am literally laughing. It is amazing how stories in hindsight can be amusing when at the time, one could possibly murder, curl up and cry, or run away.



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