Sausage Rolls and Pig Dogs

photoSeems the first week back at school has been that busy, it’s got my girls all starving!

That or they have tape worm.

I’m going with the busy/starving theory.

So, I’ve been wracking my Mumma brain to come up with after school snack ideas that don’t come from a packet, or contain chocolate. Well, not too much chocolate.

I have a nice little list of possibilities, one of which I tested out this afternoon and seems to be quite a hit!

I welcome to the family snack rotation, the humble Pizza Sub.

Round here, a Pizza Sub is a quartered French stick, sliced down the middle, pizza sauced, then topped with pizza stuff, for G1 and G3 this is ham, just ham, then sprinkled with cheese and melted under the grill.

Ta da! A not-too-bad in the health stakes, snack!

Going to high school at Capella High (Go CSHS!), this snack was one of the most popular items on the tuckshop menu.*

Rivalled only by the Sausage Roll on a bun, and the iconic Pig Dog.

Mmmmmmm, Pig Dogs.

I know, it even sounds appealing! I’m salivating a little in my mouth right now!

The Pig Dog was an ingenious creation of our lovely and ever dedicated Tuckshop ladies, and was simple, tasty, and cheap. Tick, tick, tick!

It consisted of a pork riblet on a hot dog bun, smothered in BBQ sauce.




My adult brain is screaming at that combination. I don’t think it would be possible to make it any worse for you. Or less nutritious.

But, it was the star of the Tuckshop menu.

I don’t even know what a pork riblet is. I’m fairly sure it’s not pork. I would google it, but I think it’s best to not dwell on these things too much.

I had mates that would eat 3 or 4 at a time, and I’m pretty sure there was a competition once on who could eat the most. Our English teacher successfully backed the winner.

For those of us who were on the less spoilt end of the scale, i.e. were not given tuckshop money every day, eating our lettuce and butter sandwiches, praying someone would get too full to eat their 6th Pig Dog and feel sorry for us, the Sausage Roll on a Bun was the goer.

This bad boy was the cheapest of the tuckshop “meals”, and was also the most filling. Win, win.

It’s pretty self-explanatory.

A sausage roll. On a hot dog Bun. Smothered in tomato sauce. Yes Ma’am!

One of these tasty combo’s could easily see you through double maths, and the bus ride home to your afternoon cigarette at the bus stop. And all for .80c!!

On the magic tuckshop health scale, Green is for good, eat heaps! Amber is for not bad, eat sometimes. And red is for, it’s delicious, we know you love it, but it makes you fat/diabetic/anaphylactic/hyper and you can’t have it at school, eat once a term.

Today Tuckshops across the country vie for the title of the greenest, healthiest, most allergen free, which is great given the current climate, but it is a little sad our kids will miss out on delicacies such as the Pig Dog.

I can’t imagine what they would rate on the health scale?

Is there a colour after red?

Black. They’d be black.

Or very, very dark grey.

But man, were they delicious.

*Side note, the first time I ever went to Subway (in Emerald), I ordered a pizza sub. Yeah, not the same.



4 thoughts on “Sausage Rolls and Pig Dogs

  1. Dee

    Eeeewwwww. Thinking about pig dogs and the sausage roll roll makes me feel queezy. I have eaten a pie on bread before! YUCK! What was my starving possibly hungover brain thinking? Pizza subs homemade may have to go on our own list.


  2. Kurtis

    I still make the famous pig dog for my kids. They love the riblets and when told about the pig dog from school days really wanted to try one of them. A big win 🙂



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