Summer reading and a spoiler alert for Dusk Till Dawn


I’m currently reading a book that I went into blind.

This means I did not read the blurb.

I have perfectly good vision. I just have to squint when reading fine print. Or far away things.

I’m not ready to get my eyes tested ok?

Anyway, the book I am reading on my Kindle at the moment is written by my good friend’s brother-in-law.

I have never read any of his work but am always keen to try out new writers, and have set myself a goal to beat my bookworm 15-year-old, G1, to consume 100 books this year.

Haha! Let the race begin.

Back to the book, I am only a few chapters in but am really enjoying it. And, I am so glad that I didn’t read the blurb!

All I knew about it was that my friend said it was pretty “out there”.

And it is! And it’s got me swiping pages (I have a Kindle Paperwhite).

So I am, happy!

The bit that rocked my socks initially, was that the opening chapters of this book are based here in Australia. Not only that, but in Brisbane!

As the lady lead was looking out her window and the city was being described, I was very surprised to read that is was our States capital!

I think I let out a “Huh!” In a “well there you go” way. Not a “what?” way.

Not forgetting the Warlock, ancient relic, magic blood, inscribed beings business! I was prepping for a mystery! Waaaay off!

There are hints, of course, in the blurb. But as I said above, it was overlooked this time round.

This isn’t something I do regularly, and I have another series ready to go after this book is finished that I researched quite a bit before purchasing, but it made me think of surprise twists and scenarios in all forms of entertainment, be it books, or films. They just don’t happen that much anymore.

The surprise, is often taken away by media, social and otherwise, and by tattletales who just can’t let a good plot twist go unblurted.

I was impressed with the Sixth Sense and The Others, though as cinemas have been rarely visited for non-animated movies in the last 15 years, I had to wait until the videos (yes videos) were released to watch both of these.

In this monumentally long wait period, that cat was let out of the bag.

I really loved Fight Club, despite its horrendous violence (I am slightly in love with Edward Norton), and did get a genuine surprise at that plot twist! But I wish I had of read the book first. Which I also loved by the way.

Life of Pi, I read first, and it left me fairly gasping and clutching at my chest, through blinding tears. I had no idea how they could put that feeling of discovery over onto the big screen, and though I did enjoy the move (Whales eating phosphorescent plankton, heck yes!!), I don’t think the film ending made anywhere the impact of the book.

Bryce Courtney’s Jessica also left me stunned. Proper angry, sad, furious, stunned. And I was so disappointed to see the tele movie change the ending to a happy one. The reason this book impacted me so much was because of the feelings it evoked. The happy ending did not make up for the rousing of feelings in the original.

But the movie that shocked me the most?

That had me and my middle sister reeling in a total “WHAT?” kind of way, was Quentin Tarantino’s Dusk till Dawn.

To quote G1, and apparently my Mum, who now text talks on her phone, O. M. G. (The periods are to emphasise the letters ok, I’m not that out of touch. I’m down with the jive talkin’ lingo.)

This video rental was another instance when neither Middle sister, nor I, bothered to read the blurb.

We simply drove up to Retravision in her old Camry, grabbed a movie off the wall that we hadn’t seen, hesitating over the squishy blue Overboard of course, and drove home to our air-conditioned lounge room and doonas. Which Mum would forever tell us were unnecessary.

“Turn off the aircon off if you’re cold”, at which point we’d kick off the doonas. Feigning sweat. Until she left the room.

For Dusk till Dawn, I will say this much, we were certainly NOT expecting a full on Vampire massacre movie!

I think our doonas were thrown off in surprise, then quickly pulled up to our necks. For warmth, and maybe a little protection.

It was fantastic!

Would love to hear ya’ll favourite surprises or plot twists in books or films! Just don’t be too specific. All recommendations are more than welcome!

P.S If you’re interested, the book I’m reading is called Blue Words by M.C Edwards.

P.P.S G1 and I are currently on an even 1 and a bit, thus far.


2 thoughts on “Summer reading and a spoiler alert for Dusk Till Dawn

  1. Deanne James

    If you don’t bloody watch The Usual Suspects I am going to go nuts!!!!!!! What a great idea to not read the blurb. I am going to steal this idea just to give myself a surprise.

    Liked by 1 person


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