Home James.

We head home tomorrow, (sad, sad face).
Our holidays have been spent at our hut.
Our little, tin, escape chalet.
Our zombie/bird flu refuge.
Our piece of fishing and crabbing paradise.
Home is a funny saying.
For me and my crew, home is wherever we are all together.
If we’re camped for a weekend, the tent is home.
If we camp for a night, the car is home.
If we’re here, the hut is home.
And if we’re home, well you get the picture.
So tomorrow we alter our perspective and head to our brick and mortar home.
Dan and I both go back to work and all our beautiful Christmas gifts will find a home as well!
The only flicker of excitement in my belly is at the prospect of going home to a clean house! Clever me had a crazy lady pre Christmas clean out!
And getting back to a vegetable and exercise routine.
But I already miss the generator powering our lights.
Bucketing my toilet and shower water.
Heating my shower via donkey.
Making my kids wash dishes by hand.
Spraying aeroguard upon waking, and showering.
Waking with the sun.
Planning our day around the tide.
And of course, the stunning view, day and night, of the ever changing ocean.
And the fireflies! Those babies NEVER get old.
Refreshed, lazy and brown, we bravely head back to reality!
Looking forward to seeing what 2015 brings for us, and you!






One thought on “Home James.

  1. Deanne James

    Great photos!!! That is one feisty looking crab! Lovely to read and even lovelier to know I will take the torch tomorrow. It sure is a beautiful place.

    Liked by 1 person


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