Me and Kevin Bacon

As a Christmas gift from my beautiful middle sister I was given a lovely little book!
It’s a spin off, short story explaining a few more details in one of the lesser known characters from a series our eldest sister got us all hooked on in 2013.
I’m 2 chapters in and am loving it! Thus arises my problem.
It’s a short book and there is no way I am ready for it to be over!
I find myself squirreling away sentences like a prisoner with rice in a foreign prison.
This is actually easier that it seems.
In our gaol* we are governed by a fearsome guard, much like the pastor from footloose who banned dancing.
Dan is not a reader. And he dislikes readers very much.
In the 16 years I have been with this man, he has read 1 and 3/4 books.
Countless common causes, pigging magazines and Picture mags (purely for the articles and the crosswords of course) have been read, but only a book on Australia’s most notorious criminal, Mr Mark Chopper Reid, and on Australia’s pioneering days, featuring his descendants, have been the chosen books to peruse.
So it’s little wonder he gets upset when seeing any of his crew sitting idol, reading a book. There’s too much to do!
This poses a problem, as you know my faithful readers.
Me and my babies are readers.
Through and through.
It’s not uncommon for me to “bust” someone reading well after lights out, with a torch or the glow of an iPod.
Yes I did it too. Yes it still ticks me off.
And during a particularly busy day here at the hut, G1 read for 7 hours straight. 7 HOURS!
Man I wish I was an overlooked teenager again.
Anyway, it’s safe to say that it’s a while between read’s here at the hut.
So yeah, that’s my situation.
A book a long to read.
A book I long to save.
An overseer who polices my paragraphs.
And days too big to fit reading in!
What a conundrum.
My wonderful, mysterious book will last the whole holidays through.
And this my readers, is the silver lining to my Footloose, parallel.
Kenny Loggins, Kevin Bacon and I are gunna damn the man and read on the sly!
Until we get home and Dan starts back at work, then we will be dancing aka reading with gay abandon!
Yes sir.
Now, where’s my torch?????

* yes, I realise we’re not in an actual jail/gaol. I’m rather prone to exaggerating.



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