An apology to my Mother

Today I bought wrapping paper in order to commence ‘operation gift wrapping’.

Some people love this task, some people hate it. I guess I’m on the fence.
Yeah, it takes a long time, and is very tricky to undertake with any amount of secrecy, but I do love giving gifts. It’s something I put much thought into, so wrapping them thinking of the unwrapping reaction, gets me through.

Now the prep.

Cleared floor area, vacuumed so no dusties get stuck in my tape? Check.

Tape that actually sticks with at least 3 refills? Check.

Niko that actually works, and a spare as I always lose the original? Check.

Scissors that cut straight with no jamming?? Anyone ????

Ahhhh scissors.

I have a many pairs of scissors. I think a couple came with a knife block, and maybe I bought a pair. There are the medical scissors in the medicine cupboard, and the girls all have multiple pairs in their pencil cases. Then there’s the fancy bevelled craft scissors and of course Dan’s heavy-duty snips.

You’d think these would suffice. But I tell you what. No scissors on earth ever cut like Mum’s “Good Scissors“.

Mum’s a sewer, obviously she sewed a lot more growing up than she does now, full-time nursing rosters tend to suck your leisure time away.

Growing up she made our costumes for dancing and concerts, and dresses and clothes, chair bags and uniforms. And all of this was completed with the aid of her “Good Scissors“.

I remember them well.

This happens when you are barred from something. You idolise it.

They weren’t overly appealing to the eye. Big sturdy blades with a dark brown plastic handle. But boy, could they cut.

Every cutting job of mine would involve the sneaking out of Mum’s “Good Scissors“.

I knew she’d be onto it, so would try to get as much done as possible before the cry “NOT WITH THE GOOD SCISSORS!!” would echo down the hallway, and the Excalibur of scissors would be snatched away from me, with a strong reprieve.

And possibly a smack.

Didn’t matter. No other scissors could compare.

This went on forever. With both my sisters also.

Eventually they were left out, probably by one of my irresponsible siblings, and the dogs chewed the handle, making them rather painful to use, and ending their reign.

Now I realise they really weren’t just “Good Scissors“, they were great scissors.

Sewers scissors.

No doubt expensive sewers scissors.

Purpose built for material, and systematically destroyed by the dogs, and us, cutting cardboard, paper, string and ice cream buckets.

At the time, I just wanted somewhere for my captive lady bugs to live, and inevitably die in their tropical bottlebrush filled home, while I watched them through a glad wrap window, cut out with the tool in question.

Now as I reach for yet another crap pair of scissors, I realise I was wrong.

And naughty.

And deserved my beatings.
Kidding, sorry Mum, couldn’t resist.

Regardless, the “Good Scissors” karma fairy has come to pay her dues, and has cursed me with a houseful of lackluster snippers.

Mum, on behalf of your daughters, and dogs, I’m sorry we wrecked your “Good Scissors“.

I am dreading the visit I get from the lady bug karma fairy!


2 thoughts on “An apology to my Mother

  1. Susanne Murray

    Wonder where they are now. Vinnies no doubt. Along with a number of other forbidden items. !!!What was used I wonder to cut Barbie hair or siblings hair?? Found under beds or hidden in cupboards? Hummm.

    Liked by 1 person


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