Christmas prepping

This months Messenger!

This months Messenger!

I’m a little bit excited as this month I will be seeing my Blog in print! Lightning Tree has a column in our local Magazine, the Regional Messenger! Another goal ticked for 2014!

Behold the column that was!! 

Like the summer storms that this time of year brings, Christmas is sitting firmly on the horizon.

Unlike the storms, we know Christmas is actually going to happen.

Like the storms, Christmas can get a little scary.

As an adult Christmas brings along its own stresses and worries. None of which I took any notice of as a child.

I remember seeing magazine articles with titles like “How to tackle Christmas Stress” and “Christmas survival Guide”.

I would furrow my brow, yes I’ve always been a furrower, and think, “what on earth could possibly be stressful about Christmas?” Hahaha, ahahaha. Stupid girl.

It’s a minefield of finding suitable gifts, gifts for teachers, cards for class mates (I refuse to do this anymore,*), finding somewhere to buy the brilliant things you’ve thought of (locally of course), finding the money to pay for the brilliant things you’ve thought of, trying to keep everyone happy when facing ‘turn about’** Christmases, managing tricky family get togethers,  food preparation, rosters!!!!.

And then, through the haze that is Christmas prepping, (like doomsday prepping but without preserves, and weapons. Sometimes), I’ll read my kids Christmas list or see them open the advent calendar on that first day, or just see the sparkle in their eye whenever Christmas comes up. And, I’m reminded of why I do it.

It’s all about the magic.

Me, I’ll take a month of craziness any day, to see the looks on my babies faces as they crawl out of bed on Christmas morning.

Enjoy your Christmas and your school break, and lets hope those summer storms come through for all our farming families doing it tough on the land.

*G3 actually made a big liar out of me and whined continuously until I brought her a pack of cards to write in and hand out. Well G3, there goes one less tree. Happy now?

**By “turn about” Christmases I’m referring to when families spend one Christmas with the Wife’s family, the next with the Husbands family, and so on and so forth. For the entirety of the marriage. A system which only works if you’re the first married from your family. Otherwise, good luck lining those suckers up with the in-laws. My tip, get married first!



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