Christmas ham!

Few things say Christmas more than Leg Ham.

For the second year in a row, we won a leg of ham at our local Christmas fair on the ham wheel.

For the uninitiated, a ham wheel is when a bunch of tickets are sold, each corresponding to a number on a big wheel. The wheel is spun once the tickets are sold, and if the ticker lands on your number, you go home with a ham. There’s usually about 40 up for grabs at our fair.

Anyway, we won!

Now, as with last year, this does cause me some moral turbulence.

I am a creature of habit you see. Leg ham, or as we call it, Christmas ham, is only to be eaten at Christmas time.

Normally I would not purchase a Christmas ham until maybe 2 weeks out. Thus ensuring maximum ham intake over Christmas Eve, Christmas and Boxing Day.

Mind you there usually ends up a few of us supplying ham, so well into the new year, ham and all it’s glorious recipe modifications are still regularly on the menu.

This suits me fine.

Dan, being a creature of, well, non habit, gets sick of ham very quickly.

Now it’s not even December and I have a delicious Christmas ham sitting in my refrigerator.

Taunting me with its pink flesh and fatty, diamond cut, orange outer layer.

I could easily wait a few days till it’s at least the Yule tide month. But I won’t. I feel it would be rude of me.

I remember seeing someone pull out a ham and slice it up for sandwiches in July once!


I was both horrified and confused.

People eat Christmas ham outside of Christmas time?

You can buy Christmas ham outside of Christmas time?!?!?

Yeah, I’m pretty sheltered.

Seems the time has come to toughen up the roof of my mouth (always gets scratched up from constantly eating ham on toast. Only way to eat it), start sourcing some fresh tomatoes, hams greatest accompaniment, and begin the Christmas journey early.

I draw the line at eating mango before December however.

That is straight blasphemy.

Mmmmm ham.


This is my Christmas Ham coming home shotgun from the fair!


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