The other white meat

Some of my peeps at what looks to be my 16th? Look at the crockery. man I loved that crockery. So authentic.

Some of my pals at what looks to be my 16th? Look at the crockery. man I loved that crockery. So authentic.

My Dad grew up in Redbank, Ipswich Qld, and growing up he used to tell us stories about Jimmy Wah’s,  the greatest Burger place of all time.

It was a place he frequented as a kid, and if we ever went into Ipswich on our yearly visits to family, we would have to go and get a famous Jimmy Wah burger.

I actually do remember them being pretty good, and I remember Dad going on and on about them.

I also remember that  Jimmy Wah (not sure if this was a person’s name? Mr Wah perhaps), was not only famous for his fantastic burgers, but also for the legends surrounding his establishment.

Let’s just say he never had a cat problem.

Picking up what I’m putting down?


Well, we had our own, perhaps, feline friendly eatery growing up in CQ.

Middlemount Chinese.

Now, whether the stories are true, I guess no one will ever know. But as in all small towns, rumours spread like wildfire and there wasn’t a person in the Central Highlands who hadn’t heard a tail tale or two regarding Middlemount Chinese. And Middlemount’s lack of cats.

 Jo from down the roads sister used to work there and seen cats in cages out the back. Mary from Dysart’s Mum worked for the Health department and remembers when they tested the sizzling steak and came back with results showing no beef. Etcetera and so forth.

Not for one moment did this stop our frequent trips over to Middlemount, around 50k from Tieri, to get takeaway, or on special occasions *, to sit down and eat with their giant Lazy Suzans and angry golden dragon decorations looking on.

They made some AWESOME Chinese.

Lychees and Ice-cream or deep-fried Ice-cream always rounded off an overfilling sit down meal.

And upon heading out to the car park, belly’s full and once again satisfied, the odd eye would scan the perimeter. Was that a dark slinking shape heading towards the kitchen?


* Mum and my middle sister would always drive me and my mates over for my Birthdays. Love you both! xxx


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