Lest we Forget

It’s remembrance day here in Australia.

As the name states, it’s a day to reflect and remember, all the brave souls who have ever enlisted to serve our country.

On this 11th of the 11th, my mind will not only be with the hundreds of men and women I don’t know, but with the ones I do.

Most importantly they will be with my Pop.

Our first remembrance day without him.

And with my Fardie (Grandad), Uncle A, and mate, Jason.

That’s not counting the great and great, great Uncles and Aunts who served our country in the many conflicts it has seen.

It makes me so proud to have such a history of braveness!

And so thankful.

My Grandfathers didn’t speak about the war. And I was only old enough to really talk much about it with my Pop, who spoke very little, with the exception of saying that having been where he’d been and seen what he’d seen. He was a pacifist.

Which is maybe where I get it from.

I too, try to do my best to stand up for what I believe in, and for what will benefit my children’s lives. Which is the whole point really.

Hence why I’m a unionist.

I also hate violence and confrontation.

Hence why I love the written word. The pen is mightier than the sword, so they say.


Thinking of my mate Jason. Always quick with a laugh, and with a smile burnt into my brain! He made the ultimate sacrifice in service, and today my heart is with his wife and children, family and friends.

Thinking of my Uncle A. My namesake (Alaina-Alan), who, although was gone before I was born, has had a huge influence over my life, and, gave me a wonderful Aunt, 2 beautiful cousins (who my sisters and I have so very much in common with, crazy, considering we grew up 1000 kilometres apart) and a great cousin.

My Fardie. My beloved Grandad who we lost only months before my Dad. A beautiful, brave, terribly fun, sarcastic, tolerant, hardworking, gentle soul and wonderful grandfather, whom I measure every man I meet upon.

My Pop. Gone only this year. A happy, incredibly humorous, blunt, loving, tough, industrious, incredible man. A man who I have not been able to really let go yet.

My heart can’t do it.

So that’s where I am today.



Thank you. To all those who serve, and who have served. For the good of us.

May we all take some tolerance, love, bravery and commitment from these men and women, and then ourselves, contribute to the fantastic, free, society we have today.

Lest we forget

My Pop and Fardie in all their Finery.

My Pop and Fardie in all their Finery.


2 thoughts on “Lest we Forget

  1. Deanne James

    Beautiful Alaina. They would all be so proud to know you are who you are. Xoxo thank you for a blog post acknowledging all these great men and women in our wonderful free country.

    Liked by 1 person


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