On Comfort


Sooky was my comforter as a wee ‘un!

I don’t remember his finer details, but I know that he had satin (mmmmm satin).

He was a blanket, and he was my stinky, prickle filled shadow. When I was tired, he was there. When I was hurt. He was there. When I was in trouble, he was there. Any tears, blood or bad feelings were smothered by Sooky and everything was ok. (He sounds like the perfect husband actually).

My eldest sister had Pae. A full white, in the end, not so white, satin petticoat.

G1 had Blankie. A flannelette, satin trimmed blanket that my mother actually made for my eldest sister.

G3 had Raggy, a cloth nappy, interchangeable with any other cloth nappy of any colour. Thank the heavens!!

My niece has Sleepy Sack (Which I call Tsetse sack, or chloroform sack for its sleep inducing abilities). It’s a grow bag that has a twin for cleaning purposes. But she prefers the stinkiest.

Another niece has Baggie. Which is also a grow bag who has duplicates that are rejected for the original.

It’s very interesting when these two get together!!! A battle royale with grow bags as the territory.

My nephew has Bear, a soft satin trimmed piece of fabric with a teddy bears head sewn in the middle.

And growing up, a girl we used to baby sit had Lamby. A lamb skin, torn and ragged. And beautiful.

Throw in a thumb, fingers or a dummy and you’ve got the ultimate form of comfort.

And everyone needs comfort.

As a little one, finding comfort is easy. As a grown up. It can be a bit harder.

But it is there.

It’s in a song, with a lyric that speaks directly to you! Angsty teenage me had Everclear! “Let’s just leave this place, go to Summerland. Just a name on the map sounds like heaven to me”. Man that band seen me through a lot.

It’s in a view, that makes all your insides all fuzzy and peaceful! A dirt road trimmed in paddocks and dusty green/brown bush against a brilliant blue sky!

It’s in an activity, where you can lose yourself and think of nothing but the motions. Swimming. Every stroke moves you forward, no matter the speed, your always moving forward. In clear, sun sparked, zoning out bliss!

It’s in a memory, a moment stored away in a special place to lift your heart when you need it most. At Agro, an agricultural festival, it was stinking hot, muddy from rain, I had newborn G2 in my arms and an inflatable flailing Stihl man was causing havoc with passers-by, bringing my middle sister and I to our knees with tear filled, lung straining laughter. Dan walked away. Tsk Tsking. But we made onlookers smile. And now every inflatable, or as their now known, Stihl man, causes a chuckle.

It’s in a person, a hug. Someone who listens. Someone who can say “I understand”. And you know they really do.

The soul is pretty good at finding these people. Like my nieces picking out the right Sleepy Sack or Baggie from an identical, but not quite right version.

I am lucky to have sisters. My just right, stinky, tattered, mud covered soul mates.*

As children, we lived through the same troubles and fun.

As teens, middle sister and I lived through the same hardships and lessons.

And now as wives, and 2 of us as Mothers, we are living through the same challenges and joys. This connection isn’t relegated to relatives.

Souls latch on to kindred spirits. Like G1 to her Blankie.

Without them even knowing, I’ve been helped numerous times by others. By talking, listening and just observing.

So me, I know where my comfort lies. And I aim to be a comfort to others.

And unlike Sooky, Blankie, Raggy, Sleepy Sack, Baggie, Bear and Lamby. There never comes a cut-off point.

You’re never too old for comfort.

Comfort isn’t just a giant silky maternity bra. Or a ratty pair of satin boxer shorts (Both of which I have seen clutched in a toddlers arms in the shopping centre. Hilarious!!!!).

It’s whatever helps you, and heals you.

Simply, it’s what makes you feel better.

Be someone’s comfort. Be their Pae.

Find your comfort, your Lambie.

You don’t even need to wait for them to dry on the line!

Me and my Sooky. Bigger than I remember him being. He was eventually given to the Easter Bunny. Bastard.

Me and my Sooky. Bigger than I remember him being. He was eventually given to the Easter Bunny. Bastard.

*I would have tacked Mum in there too, but Mums are on a comforting astro plane all of their own! xx


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