My route to the pool

He he he.

See how much I love you all my readers!

To say thank you for the kick arse week of views and visits to my blog, I went and got you all a treat.

On my ride home from the pool this morning, I went down terror ally, mobile phone in hand, and captured a few pics of my new mate, seeing me safely through his territory.


I’m sure the builders on the opposite side of the road think I’m a nut job.

Not far wrong.

Ever tried riding, while taking iPhone pics and being assailed from above. It’s hard. Hence my furrowed brow.


Note: No the zip ties on my helmet do not work as a deterrent, if anything they seem to make him angrier (if that’s possible).
And now he attacks my backpack.



2 thoughts on “My route to the pool

    1. Laina Earl Post author

      Ha ha ha! This a Spring “norm” round here! Can’t wait for their babies to all hatch and get hungry so they’re all busy off collecting food instead of attacking innocent pedestrians and cyclists!



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