All Hallows Eve and the Bandits

We’re closing into one of my favorite times of year, Halloween!

Now, I am one of those irritating people who have a counter argument to certain people (Halloween haters) protests about the commercialism, or worse, the Americanism of this happy ghouls holiday.

Please turn to chapter 7, page 126 Of Superstitions by Peter Haining. Here, you will find factual origins of this spooky day. Don’t have that one?

Well, I can tell you, it doesn’t mention sexy unicorn costumes, or boobs out M’n’M costumes, or Dr Who costumes for dogs.

Though the latter would be awesome to see! Actually they would all be hilarious if they were for dogs!

Anyway, I for one am glad to see kids, and the odd adult getting in on the fun of Halloween.

My girls are now old enough to head off on their own, only for set blocks mind you, and we always decorate our house and spend hours making little Halloween treat bags for our ghostly visitors.

It’s great!

As a kid we also had awesome Halloween’s! Surprise, surprise.

Back before rules and regulations came along, and thanks to the local Pony Club, the kids of Tieri would be picked up and herded into the back of a cattle truck (awesome) and driven about to trick or treat at participating houses!

This was followed by a gathering out at the Pony Club, surrounded by bush and stars, with a huge bonfire and lots of spookiness!

Once ‘Robby Road Rules’ made everyone wear proper seatbelts and helmets, (party pooper*), we were on foot.

As tweens and teens we would dress up, get together and head out, door to door.

We were mostly well received. Had the odd packet of chips or muesli bar here and there, and once a lovely old lady invited us all in for ice cream, but mostly we scored great lollies.

A Halloween forever burned in my memory, was when we found the trick or treat house from heaven. Or hell maybe, given the date.

Anyway, it was a young couple, no kids, but with an actual gumball machine in their lounge room!

Their lounge room!!!

We got to go in, hold our bags under it and twist away!


This joy was short-lived however, as halfway home, from out of the darkness, sprung 2 local bandits, weapons at the ready.

Yup, we were held up and robbed at egg point after our biggest Halloween haul ever.

Talk about disappointment.

To put the nail in my now empty Halloween coffin, I walked home and was met at the door by a psychotic eldest sister flipping out because “someone” used all her eyeliner for lipstick.

Well we didn’t have any black lipstick.

Despite that crappy night, I have continued to love the one night a year when the dead are able to re-visit the living.

Embrace the history and traditions, let the dead, and the kids, have fun with it!

It’s Halloween!!

Besides, every living worker on the planet loves a public holiday. Who are we, to deny the dead from heading out for a night????

*Robby was absolutely right, always wear your seatbelt, and helmet. Not at the same time though. That’d be weird.


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