Holiday Hangover

Well, we’re back from our grand USA adventure.

I first want to thank ya’ll for following along on our travels with our boy Stan and his Letters to Duke. Hope you enjoyed them!

Now I’m still a little tired, strangely, still a little topsy turvey, and despite the fact that I didn’t long for home, very happy to be home.

First night I did have a moment when I woke up, and stared at my drawers for about 10 minutes while my fuzzed brain ran through a list of deductions to find out where I was.

“No canvas walls, which means we’re not camping. No bugling elk, so were not in a National Park. No ghosts calling from the haunted upper floor, so we’re not in the cabin. No fireworks booming like the blitz, so were not in Disneyland. No biscuit crumbs stabbing you in the backside while your children sleep on your lap and you try not to break your neck sleeping sitting up and avoiding DVT, so were not in an aeroplane”

“Yup I think I’ve got it body, we’re home. Now off you go and pee without clapping and shouting to ward off bears. The girls will be SUPER pissed if you wake them at this hour.”

Something I did miss was sleeping with the windows open! The animals outside these windows are actually happy to see us, and though I have no doubt they would tear this house apart to get to bacon, they generally mean us no ill will.

Actually the biggest fright I got on the entire trip wasn’t from any wild animals, it was from an angry homeless man in Anaheim.


Yes ma’am, give me a bear any day.

We have hit the ground running once again, and our holiday will seem like forever ago in no time at all. We explored so much wilderness and got to experience so much that other tourists never do, we’re very blessed to have such great USA liaisons.

Life lessons and experiences that the girls will carry with them forever.

I’m not game to think about it all too much in case I wear out the memories!*

Thank the Kodak gods for cameras!

After our scary vagabond incident, I am also pleased we went off the beaten track (literally) and didn’t spend our holiday in cities. We were real little fishes out of water in our time in LA.

Floundering with our mouths open, gaping at the craziness that is such polar opposite to our lives.

Dan just can’t get his head around why people would want to live there.

Well Dan, if Willis and Arnold taught us anything, its this-

It takes, Different Strokes to move the world.

Yes it does.

It takes, Different Strokes to move the world.

And these folks, and their strokes, are happy to be back in Central Queensland.

Thanks for the memories America!

Awww, squirrels in love. We love you too squirrels, and we love America!

Awww, squirrels in love. We love you too squirrels, and we love America!

* Not wanting to freak anybody out, but apparently each time you recall a memory, your really recalling the last time you recalled the memory, so each time it differs or wears out slightly. Awful isn’t it!!!

At least I thinks that’s right. My recollection is fading coz I think about that horrible fact so often! STOP THINKING BACK BRAIN! Your ruining everything!


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