Letters to Duke #23

G’day mate!

We’re back on Aussie, and even better, Queensland, soil!

Had a lovely/blurry/jet laggy/happy day yesterday catching up with cousins and Aunts, Uncles, even Grandma R and Grandad J!

Cousins visited Thailand while we were away and brought back some fantastic local gifts for the family. What an adventure they had! And all with beautiful twin babies! So great to hear their travel stories!

We certainly have a jet setting family!

The crew all slept well and hopefully their body clocks are all back to normal for the final leg home.

Some more catching up this morning and now we wait for the very last flight of our trip!

Our last security gate cleared!!! Yay!!!!

So looking forward to seeing Grandma S and telling her all our tales!

Then it’s a 200 odd k drive, and we get to see you and our little (and big) Moranbah family!

Fingers crossed all our bags make this trip. Only 2 lost, then returned bags, out of 8 flights!

Not bad.

Righto, well it’s been fun keeping in touch with you over the month, and I’m sorry I gave you a scare when I went AWOL.
Love ya mate and thanks for approving this mission. It’s been a blast.

And boy, they really have missed you.

Love Stan xxx




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