Letters to Duke #22

“LA international airport!”, you know the Susan Raye song. Well that’s stuck in Mums head now.

Along with some kind of high speed crazy loony tunes music, with intermittent bursts of sad songs.

You know what though, time hasn’t flown. We’ve savored every moment. Maximizing each second, of each day.

And boy, we’ve done A LOT!

Today, as you know, is G1’s 15th birthday, so after newspaper wrapped presents featuring lots of her favorite animal, our cousin the wolf, we went for a buffet breakfast, including French toast and eggs, then hit Down Town Disney for one last shopping spree!

Lunch was at the most fantastic restaurant EVER!

It was a rainforest! With gorillas and elephants and thunderstorms!!! And the roof and walls were covered in vines and fish tanks!! FISH TANKS!

We got G1 a special treat accompanied by 3 singing waitresses! She loved it! Well we did anyway!

Back to the motel for another swim, and now we sit at our gate. Punctually proper, with 2 hours to spare!

Security check, complete! And mum only dropped the passports twice.

Shakin like a leaf.

Well, goodnight brother. Seeing as we’ll be skipping a whole day, I’ll see you, not tomorrow, but the next day!

I can almost smell the gum trees!!!!

Love Stan xxx






2 thoughts on “Letters to Duke #22

  1. Deanne James

    I too am sad that it is going to be the end of Stan keeping in touch. Look forward to stans next holiday or just any future corespondence with Dukey boy. Thanks Stan for the entertainment. So pleased you found your way back to the family you never actually left behind.



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