Letters to Duke #20

Hey Dukey,

Big day put in at California Adventure Land!

Started with cereal out of styrofoam cups, and a quick debrief of the days mission.

The plan? To Hit all the big rides, and cover as much ground as possible, before we all die of exhaustion.

We sir. Mission accomplished. We now sit by the pool while the kids swim, having sumashed California Park, and even gone back into Disney for Mums favorite Peter Pan ride.

Ask dad if it’s his favorite. The ride broke down 3/4’s of the way in line. In blistering heat. With hundreds of people.

Longest wait of the day.

It made Mum smile though! She just loves Pan! And pretty lights! And miniature stuff! And mermaids!

Dad even sat through the Little Mermaid! It was magic!!

We took G2 and G3 on their first loop de loop!

The family LOVED California Screamin! 3x!!!!

Hollywood Tower, 2x!!

Top rides, California Screamin, Hollywood Tower, Cars Radiator Springs Racetrack!

Very tired, ready to crash, and start it all again tomorrow for Universal Studios!

Love ya

Stan! Xxx

P.S I finally got to meet our idol! Pluto! Real, in the flesh, Pluto!

He pat my head!!!
I’m never washing again!






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