Letters to Duke #18 entry 1

Hey there Duke,

Sea change a Rama.

Left Missoula at 6 this morning after waking at 4. Yup, happy campers all round.

Mum swallowed sobs until, pretty much Salt Lake City. We’ll miss that hike crazy pair.

We decided against trying to be American drivers in LA, and instead hired one.


Not a real chatty bloke, but he took us where we wanted, looked after our stuff, and saved us a heck of a lot of stress.

It was Dad favorite kind of tour. “Look at that!”
“Back there!”

LA, speed tour.

Which was pretty much to Dads liking. He and LA, well let’s just say they don’t gel.

In our first hour we seen a lady get arrested, a man eating pizza crusts out of the rubbish bin and countless homeless.

Counting our lucky stars we’re from Australia and safe in our country town.

We still got to explored the Santa Monica pier (can see why people like our beaches so much), Hollywood boulevard, the walk of fame, (which was hosting a premier!!!), Madame Tussaud’s, and did a quick drive down Rodeo Drive.

I guess it appeals to some, but we were happier to hit the freeway to Anaheim.

Hotel seems great, the family all had a swim and have turned in early in preparation for our trip to the happiest place on earth!

Love always, Jam xxx






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