Letters to Duke #17

Dearest Duke.

I write this letter with a heavy heart, and glass eyes beaded with tears.

My name is Jam. I’m a bison from Yellowstone National Park, and over the past 3 weeks I have gotten to know Stan and your family very well.

In fact they’ve taken me in as one of their own.

This is why it has fallen to me to break this sad news.

After heading to the Missoula Markets for breakfast and a browse of strange and exotic vegetables, Stan and the family headed out for an 18 hole/basket round of Frisbee Golf at Pattee Canyon Frisbee Golf Course, Missoula MT.

Somewhere along the course, likely at the car park, Stan has leapt from Mums pocket.

Once his absence was discovered an extensive land search ensued. Back tracking and asking fellow golfers for sightings.

Alas, it has come to naught.

The family knows one of three scenarios are possible.

1. Stan was picked up by a loving family, unaware of his special role in our crew, and taken home.

2. Stan seen some of his favorite critters, chipmunks, and ran off to live with them. You know how much they love him.

3. Stan has taken such a liking to US country life that he couldn’t bare heading to LA tomorrow.

Either way, the search will continue. Aunty R will put up posters tomorrow, and the internet can be a wonderful tool for searches.

For now, we live in hope, and know that he is happy wherever he is.

He is just that kind of guy.

I’ll stay on as correspondent until the crew returns.

Know we love you, and please send extra love to Mum who is taking it all rather hard.

The girls are drowning their sorrows in pumpkins. Carving up a storm with Uncle J. Dads cooking a BBQ.

The show must go on.

Love always, Jam xxx







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