Letters to Duke #16

Hey boy!

Nearly ready to turn in after another huge day.

Started off with an early morning bike ride for Mum and Aunty R. They pedaled down to Aunty R’s favorite coffee shop in 1degree!!

I got to ride along, and man, it was cold! Great coffee though!

Next we headed to a few of Missoula’s cooky/funky stores!!!

Aunty R knows all the fun places!

Those crazy Americans are at it again. Not only do they sell beer with groceries, but they sell terror and mental scaring in warehouses.

The Halloween store to end all Halloween stores! Aunty D, you would have HATED it! So would Grandma S.

Spiders and possessed children everywhere!

Kids and Dad had a ball.

Then we visited uber trendy Rockin Rudy’s! Like a kid in a candy store, we didn’t know where to start! There was music, leather bound journals, books, posters, shirts, toys, lollys, tea!!!!! Awesome!

We got takeaway lunch from Missoula’s best sand which shop and ate it by the famous Missoula Wave.

Only 1 crazy surfer on the Clark Fork River today.

We picked up Uncle J and drove out our very first Corn/Hay Maze!

I’d love to say we blitzed it. But that’s a lie.

We got lost. Lots.

But we also had lots of fun, and upon finishing, the girls each went into the pumpkin patch and chose their would be jack-o-lantern!

Carving to come tomorrow!

Dinner was an ice cream from Big Dipper. Greatest dinner EVER!

Today also happened to be “First Friday”! A big day across the country for all those artistically inclined!!

So the main streets were filled with musicians, jewelers, artists, photographers and more! Gallery’s and stores were open to wander with biccies and wine, and all the hippy/eccentric/out there people were out in force!

It was lots of fun to be involved in!! Even Dad enjoyed it!

I think we’re breaking him!

Last but not least was Aunty R’s Photo shoot at her school studio!

We were all wowed! She is an amazing photographer and the girls had an absolute blast posing and having fun!!!

There were bubbles and jumping, chairs and wind swept hair, and Mum had a few pics taken of her tattoos.

Including of course, a close up of the one of you!

We miss you.

Can’t wait to see all her shots! But mostly, can’t wait to hit the hay!

Again. He he he. Get it? Hay. Hay Maze.

Love Stan xxx






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