Letters to Duke #15

Evening brother,
First day back in metropolis! Gotta say, it’s a lot more stressful following a GPS and stopping at red lights, than it is sitting in a bison jam!

Hit the shops today while Uncle J and Aunty R worked.

Bank balance has dwindled, but we got some great gifts for our Aussie family, and the girls finally got themselves some boots each.

Real Missoula’ns now.

Dad put the pep back in the girls step by taking them all go carting!

G3 is her Mumma’s girl. Safe and steady. While G1 and G2 were like little bats out of hell.

Fathers girls those ones. Dad couldn’t even get past G2!!

Getting into the Halloween zone, we even managed to find you a fantastic Halloween costume!

Dad wouldn’t let us get the hot dog or the taco, but we think you’ll like this one just fine!!

Uncle J is teaching the girls the finer points of gambling and our feathered nieces Matilda and Noosa are out cruising the lounge room!

Well, gotta go. We’re cooking dinner tonight. Dad is having steak and veg withdrawals.

Love ya Duke

Stan xxx






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