Letters to Duke #14

Hey there!

This morning we packed up and left our cabin in the woods. Leaving all the Chippers and ghosts behind and heading into the fog.

No goodbye for the Glacier mountains as they were hidden in thick cloud.

Stopped into Columbia Falls to fix the tyre and coasted along past the amazing Flathead Lake, a huge ocean of water, to Polson for lunch.

Ate at a cool little pirate diner with menu choices ranging from the Barbosa sand which, one eyed willy wrap and Chester copperpot grilled cheese! Love it!!!!

Arrived back in Missoula with our beloved Aunty R!

Mum and Dad took Aunty R and Uncle J’s town bikes out for a spin to the local supermarket/pantry to restock on beer!

Beer at the grocery shop!!! Cray-zee!!

Took us out to Buffalo Wild Wings for an Americana dinner! Uncle D and Aunty D will be pleased to know we tasted 4 kinds of wings and sweated our eyeballs out!!!

So many TV’s, IPads for the kids, drink refills, baseball, football!

Stimulus overload!!!

Resting up ready for a big day tomorrow!

Love you DukeStar

Love Stan xx






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