Letters to Duke #13 entry 3

Duke my boy!!

Rain today.

Headed off for a drive up to Bowman and Kintla Laces in Glacier NP.

The rain and recent cougar spottings at Bowan Lake seen us abandon a hike and move onto Kintla Lake, further in the park.

It was a beautiful 4wd track up and once there, we donned our raincoats for a little exploration.

Finally seen some wildlife in the form of whitetail dear bucks and does.

First wild mammals seen since Waterton National Park, except for the very cool Badger we seen scurry into the woods yesterday.

Oh, and not including the squillions of Chippers! Gosh I love those guys.

Stopped in at Polebridge and partook in some of the famous Polebridge baked goods.

Mums taken quite a liking to huckleberries!

More 4wd adventuring back in the State Park, cruised up every road possible and up to the US/Canadian border, now abandoned.


A flat tyre seen the end of our days cruising and we’re now playing board games back at the Cabin, enjoying our last night before we head back to Missoula tomorrow.

Love Stan xxxx







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