Letters to Duke #13 entry 2

Dearest Duke,

Well, this was Dads turn to be uneasy.

I guess the story of the Cabin and the remoteness played havoc on his brain.

He didn’t sleep well at all.

Just to amp up his terror, we took the Going To the Sun Road back in Glacier.

Wholey, Moley. He and G2 we’re not having a good time.

It’s very impressive, but sadly it was an overcast day do the views at the top were shrouded in thick fog/mist/cloud.

No hike at the top. Sad face from Mum. Cheers from the rest of them.

We pulled into a pullover not far from the top for lunch where, Lo and behold, a big black bear was lunching above us on the mountain!

Bear 11!!

Pulled into Home Ranch Bottoms for a quick beer and huckleberry ice cream, it’s just like our little bush pubs at home! Except with evidence of a grizzle break in!!

Back at the cabin now for an Art session with the girls. Mum challenged them all to sketch the cabin.

Dads getting fire ready for more s’mores and Mums contemplating putting on another coat. Brrrrrrr!

Thanks to Uncle J, who returned home with Aunty R this morning, we have tasty Bison Stew/Pot Roast for dinner!

Eating the wildlife yet again!

Love Stan xxxx






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