Letters to Duke #13 entry 1

We woke up to a traditional pancake breakfast, with maple syrup, thanks again to Uncle J, then headed to our new home in the very very back blocks of Montana.

Wurtz Cabin, near Polebridge, Galcier NP is an old homestead given over to the Forestry Service.

There are a few like it around the area and my gosh! It’s like a little wooden time machine!

There is no electricity, no water and of course no phones, an outhouse drop toilet and a tragic, yet ultimately positive history.

There’s propane for the lights, heater and stove and a great deal of Chippers, aka chipmunks.

There is a bedroom downstairs and a big upstairs area with 10 more beds.

The lounge room has a big fireplace and there is a fire pit outside.

There are visitors books which guests are encouraged to write in. They’re a great look at the past and there are some great entries.

Ian’s batchelor weekend seemed to be a hoot, while the next guests Barb and Michael were very disapproving of the mess they left. And extra disapproving of people letting their kids write and draw in the visitors book. “Who wants to read the rumblings of a 4yo”??? Really? This is from quoted great grandparents!

Clearly ones that travel on “no children” airlines.

Mum will be sure to get the kids to write a quick spiel before we leave!

We explored the creek and Aunty R gave Mum more camera lessons before we came back to the Cabin for a major game of frisbee.

Pizza in the oven more photos, then Uncle J cooked the girls s’mores, while the grown ups had key lime pie!


Nigh nigh, Dukey!

Love Stan xxx






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